30% Off Kosher Cookbooks

BookDeal 30% Off Kosher Cookbooks

I mentioned this briefly last week, but since this offer expires TONIGHT, I wanted to remind you that can still save 30% off ANY book on Amazon when you use the coupon code BOOKDEAL at checkout.

Given that kosher cookbooks are usually pretty pricey, I thought this seemed like a great opportunity to save some seriously $$.

Here are some of the best deals I’m seeing when you use this coupon – note, you can only use this coupon once per account!

Screen Shot 2013 12 01 at 12.18.52 PM 30% Off Kosher Cookbooks

The Holiday Kosher Baker: Traditional & Contemporary Holiday Desserts 30% Off Kosher Cookbooks – $15.50 (reg. $35).

I met Paula at KosherFest and got to sample some of her recipes. She is for real, people. Best cookies I’ve ever tasted. Pareve – but you’d never know it!

Screen Shot 2013 12 01 at 12.19.37 PM 30% Off Kosher Cookbooks

Spice and Spirit: The Complete Kosher Jewish Cookbook (A Kosher living classic) 30% Off Kosher Cookbooks – $23.90 (Reg. $35.95) This is currently out of stock, but grab it now with the coupon code and it will ship when it’s back in stock.)

If you don’t have already it, this is THE kosher cooking bible. Basic recipes, crowd pleasers, nothing fancy, but I haven’t made a bad recipe from it yet in over 10 years of owning this book!

Screen Shot 2013 12 01 at 12.21.18 PM 30% Off Kosher Cookbooks

Passover by Design: Picture-perfect Kosher by Design recipes for the holiday (Kosher by Design) 30% Off Kosher Cookbooks – $15.50 (Reg. $29.99)

You can never go wrong with a Susie Fishbein cookbook. This one is perfect not only for Pesach, but also for any gluten-free inspiration you  need year-round.

Screen Shot 2013 12 01 at 12.21.59 PM 30% Off Kosher Cookbooks

Bais Yaakov Cookbook 30% Off Kosher Cookbooks – $23.30 (Reg. $36.99)

This is one of the most requested cookbooks and I’ve heard great things about it from KOAB readers; if it’s on your list, grab it now!

Screen Shot 2013 12 01 at 12.23.12 PM 30% Off Kosher Cookbooks

Kids Cooking Made Easy: Favorite Triple-Tested Recipes 30% Off Kosher Cookbooks – $8.36 (Reg. $15.99)

We got this cookbook a few weeks ago – thanks, Leah — and my kids LOVE it! (If only their mother was more patient about cooking with her kids in the kitchen.)

Shipping on any of these books is free with your Amazon Prime account – or when you spend $35+ with Super Saver Shipping.

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  1. Mirishosh says:

    This coupon is not working when I try to buy the Bais Yaakov cookbook. It is shipped and sold by Amazon, and I checked all the terms and conditions, and cannot find any reason why it shouldn’t.

  2. Mirishosh says:

    Just tried on my DIL’s account, and it worked. Tried mine again, and it did not. Go figure, we did the same exact thing!

  3. A quick note on the purple cookbook, I checked the publisher who prints it and they have it for $19.43, so I don’t think it’s worth it to get that one on Amazon. https://store.kehotonline.com/index.php?stocknumber=EWO-SPICP&deptid=&parentid=&page=1&itemsperpage=10

  4. The BOOKDEAL can only be used for one book! If you have two accounts, you might try that. I chose the Kosher Baker.

    (I love both Spice and Spirit books!)

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