6″ Kindle E-Readers from $47.40 (40% Off) with Amazon Rewards Visa Card

If you have an Amazon Rewards Visa Card, you can get an unbelievable deal on Amazon’s Kindle E-Readers.

Get the Kindle 6″ WiFi eReader with Special Offers for just $47.40. It’s regularly $79, but with the promo code KINDLE40, you save an additional 40%, making it just $47.40.

Or grab the 6″ version without Special Offers for $65.40 with the same code.

The code also works on Kindle accessories, but unfortunately is not good for the Kindle Fire.

If you’ve been in the market for a Kindle eReader, I think this deal is good enough to justify opening a Rewards Visa. And, if you open one now, Amazon will give you a $50 instant credit – making the Special Offers Kindle FREE and the regular 6″ version just $15.40!!!

Amazon never puts these on sale, so I doubt you’ll find a better offer!

Shipping is free.

Valid thru August 15.

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  1. You will only receive the discount on up to 3 Kindles. I tried to order 4 and it only took 10% off the 4th.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I saw an offer for a $30 credit when you open the Amazon Visa, not $50. Am I missing something?

    • Sorry- I had a bad link that was giving you a error. Click on the Amazon Rewards Visa links now and you should see the $50 offer. (It says on $30 on Amazon’s home page, but when you click through the link, it says $50!)

  3. How do people feel about the Kindle? I am a busy working mom (I know, ALL moms are working moms, but you get my drift.) And I feel like the only time I get a chance to read is on Shabbat. And as far as I can tell, no one’s figured out a halachically acceptable way to use a Kindle on Shabbat. Thoughts? Do people LOVE their kindles? Do the kids use it? Is it valuable to other observant families?

  4. Any way for Canadians to get this deal?

  5. It still says $30.00 not $50.00 off…. Anyway to fix that?

  6. I cannot get the promotional code to work. Was it one day only?

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