8 Hanukkah Books for $8

Kar-Ben Chanukah Sale

Looking for more Hanukkah books for your family? Or to give as gifts?

Kar-Ben Publishing is offering eight Hanukkah books for just $8.

You will have to pay for shipping, which is about $4 – but still a fantastic deal for only $12.

Please do note the titles and check your bookshelves. I know a number of readers have told me that they already have a number of these for free, thanks to their PJ Library membership.

(Of course, at this price, you can give the “extras” away – new books make great library donations.)

Eight is Great
The story of a family celebrating Hanukkah is told in clever and whimsical rhyme.
Eight Wild Nights
With humor and rhyme, a family celebrates and survives the eight nights of Hanukkah as an assortment of relatives and friends descends on the household.
Maccabee Jamboree
One by one the eight little Maccabees seem to disappear as they polish the menorah, wrap gifts, and cook latkes in preparation for their Hanukkah party.
Always an Olivia
An elderly grandmother passes on the story of the family’s Jewish origins to her young granddaughter, Carol Olivia.
Brainteasers from Jewish Folklore
Full of Jewish folktales like “The Lazy Artist” and “Cheating the Inquisitor,” this collection offers young readers 16 different riddles and stories that will challenge and entertain.
A Mezuzah on the Door
Young readers will relate to the story of a little boy who moves from an apartment in the city to a house in the suburbs and must adjust to his new surroundings.
Green Bible Stories for Children
The Bible stories of Noah, Abraham, Joshua, and others are retold and reinforced with activities that will help young readers understand how to nurture and respect the environment.
Zishe the Strongman
This is the unusual story of Zishe, a poor Polish Jew, who became the featured Strongman of circuses throughout the world. Based on a true story.
Plus, don’t forget you can still get the lift-the-flap book, Where’s Baby’s Dreidel for $5.73. and Elmo’s Little Dreidel for $3.61.

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