A quick warning re. Amazon password security

In case you haven’t already seen this, Wired.com reported late last week that there is a security glitch with some of Amazon passwords.

Apparently, if you signed up several years ago and haven’t ever changed your password, the Amazon system might be accepting close-but-not-exact passwords. Say your password is PASSWORD, the system might also accept PASSWORD12345 or PASSWORDPASSWORD.

The fix is simple: Change your password. You can even change it right back afterwards – that apparently closes the loop.

Read more from wired.com. And thank you to Want Not for the heads up on this issue!

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  1. Thanks for the warning. I clicked straight over to Amazon after reading this, thinking hey, I’m one of those people who hasn’t changed their Amazon password if forever. I went to sign in, couldn’t, panicked for a moment and then remembered that I changed my password just last week because I figured it was time. It must be all that cold air freezing my brain.

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