Amazon: 10 Reams of Hammermill Paper Just $6.07

Update: And, it’s over. Gosh, that was fast – even for Amazon. Hope some of you were able to get this in time. (DH is now asking me why we need 5000 sheets of paper!)

This may be too good to be true (as in a pricing error), but if you need printer paper for all your coupons, this amazing Amazon deal is worth a shot! Just be sure to confirm the price before you order.

Get 10 Reams of Hammermill Copy Plus Paper for just $6.07. Shipping is free from a third party.

Thanks, Hip2Save!

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  1. I don’t know, it comes up as 44.17 for me.

  2. ditto, 44.17 here too.

  3. Not anymore :(

  4. I got it thanks to moneysavingmaneiac!

  5. My order just got canceled: “Due to a mapping issue on Amazon we have encountered a unit of measure issue with the item you ordered.” So, don’t worry – y’all didn’t miss out on anything. I’ll stick to my free-after-rebate paper during back to school sales 😉

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