Amazon Cut Prices on Kindle Fires by up to $100

Kindle Fire HD

Amazon has announced that they are cutting prices on their new Kindle Fire HD models. The savings ranges from $30 – $100, depending on which model you purchase.

Here is the new pricing structure:

If you’ve had your eye on a Kindle, these savings may make it that much easier.

On a separate note… the screen on our Kindle Fire has cracked. I’m not even sure how it happened, but we have been letting our boys use it, so it probably got dropped at some point.

We called around and were shocked that getting the glass repaired locally would cost at least $125!

I then contacted Amazon’s customer service and learned that they have a replacement program — if your screen is cracked, they will replace your entire model for $100. There is no time-limit on this offer, so we’re holding off until the crack makes the unit inoperable, but I’m happy to know we have this option available to us.

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  1. Mara! You just saved my life- my kindle screen cracked (bec I dropped it on the floor… Don’t tell anyone ;)) and I was trying to figure out what to do- thanks so much for the info :)

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