Amazon | 10-Ft HDMI Cables Only $2.72 – Shipped

Wow. Have you ever gone to Best Buy to buy an HDMI cable? I have. Do you know how much they cost? They started at $40. For a cable.

Fortunately I knew to come home and check Amazon. Where I picked one up a 6-foot HDMI cable for a little over $3.

Now don’t I feel silly for having over-paid. Because this Eforcity HDMI 10-foot Cable is on sale today for just $2.72. With FREE shipping!

These things are so useful to have on hand. Perfect for connecting your laptop to your TV, so you can watch all those cheap Amazon videos you download. In fact, at $2.72, I think we’re upgrading to 10 feet!

Thanks, Freebie Shark!

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