Amazon: Pampers Diapers for Less than $.10/Diaper

I’ve said before that I aim to spend no more than a dime per disposable diaper. A number of you commented or emailed me to tell me that you can “never” get deals this good. Well, consider that a challenge to me! Here are two $.10-or-less-deals on Pampers that you can order right now from Amazon! (Note: You will need to sign up for Amazon Mom if you haven’t already. It’s free!)

Pampers Baby Dry – Size 1 (252/box)
Original Price: $40.99 ($.16/diaper)
Select Subscribe & Save (you can cancel at any time): $28.69 ($.11/diaper)
Enter 20% coupon code from November Parents Magazine: $22.95 ($.09/diaper)
Enter Amazon Mom 10% off coupon code: $20.65 ($.08/diaper)
>> Even without the Parents & Amazon Mom codes, you are paying just $.11/diaper SHIPPED — pretty darned close to my target price!

Pampers Baby Dry – Size 3 (204/box)
Original Price: $40 ($.20/diaper)
Select Subscribe & Save (you can cancel at any time): $28 ($.14/diaper)
Enter Parents 20% off coupon code: $22.40 ($.11/diaper)
Enter Amazon Mom 10% off coupon code: $20.16 ($.09/diaper)

>> Even if you don’t have the Parents code or the Amazon code, you can still get a big box of diapers for just $.14/diaper SHIPPED. Not bad!

Remember that Amazon adjusts its pricing frequently, so be sure to confirm the prices before you do any Amazon deal that you find on this or any other frugal blog.

If you come across a stellar deal on diapers at Amazon, be sure to share the details in the comments section!

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  1. Wow!! Thanks for posting that!! I am starting to get frustrated with spending so much on diapers. However, I’m just moving out of size 3 and the size 4 and 5 aren’t as great a deal. Also, did you get the amazon mom code emailed to you?

    • Yes, the emailed the code to me about 2 weeks after I signed up. It seems that most new subscribers to the service are getting it.

  2. Hey I just checked and you can get Luvs (my personal favorite…after pampers which I never get because of the price) size 1 $.10 a diaper
    size 2 and 3 something like $.12 and size 4 for $.14. That’s with subscribe and save and amazon mom.
    Now you got me started Mara….I’ll be searching these diaper deals and checking for good ones of my kids sizes. THanks!

    • Oh good! Enjoy the savings :) Not that you have time for an extra few loads of laundry each week, but I am planning a post on cloth diapering in the near future, if you’re interested in learning more about that route as well.

  3. Yes! I am glad you mentioned this deal. I have been getting diapers from Amazon since August because their prices are so low. Subscribe & Save is a great program. You can make changes as you need to and get a new box if you are running low. I recommend it to all my friends.

  4. yay. just did it and it was like $20.86 for 252 diapers! amazingggg! thanks mara

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