Amazon Prime: Now Get Free Movies & TV Downloads, Too

Oh Amazon. My love for you grows daily.

Like many of you, I am still enjoying the benefits of Amazon Prime thanks to my free Amazon Mom trial membership. But eventually, that awesome perk is going to disappear. And I will experience some serious free-2-day-shipping withdrawal.

Amazon clearly recognized the warning signs of my distress and made an offer I just my not be able to refuse:

Sign up for Amazon Prime (it’s a $79 annual membership fee) and get FREE 2-day shipping PLUS… Unlimited free downloads of over 5,000 Video on Demand movies and TV shows.

Now all they have to do is include Mad Men on the list of approved shows and I’m sold!

I’ve already figured out how to rationalize this one, by the way, if you’re curious: First of all, it’s only $6.58 a month. And since we don’t pay for cable, we had been talking about getting a Netflix subscription. Oh, but wait: What do you know?! Prime is even cheaper than Netflix. Plus I’d still get my free two-day shipping.

See, not hard to justify at all!

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  1. This is really awesome! I love Amazon! And a friend told me about an hdmi cable that you can hook up from your computer to your tv so that you can watch everything on your tv! I think we will make the switch from Netflix!

  2. Let’s just say that I ponied up for Prime last month because the thought of not have 2-day shipping started giving me the shakes. (And since I had those Swagbucks and all.)

    And I’m so THERE with Mad Men – so much so, I bought a Roku player today. Love that it streams Amazon and Pandora. Oh, be still my heart.

    • I can’t wait to hear what you think about the Roku – maybe a full review on your blog?! (Mad Men season premier party??)

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