Amazon | Save 20% off on 5 or More Subscriptions per Month

20% off on Subscribe & Save

Exciting news in the land of Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program!

As you  may remember, a few months ago I mentioned that Amazon’s new Subscribe & Save discount lets you save an additional 10% (15% total) when you have five active subscriptions in a month.

Well now they’ve gone and made it even better!

If you are a member of Amazon Mom, your percentage doesn’t just go up to 15%… it goes up to 20% on ALL active subscriptions in one month (as long as you have five or more).

As always, with Subscribe & Save orders you will continue to:

  • Receive FREE shipping on every Subscribe & Save shipment that arrives on your monthly delivery day
  • Be able to cancel at any time – there are no cancellation penalties
  • Pay only when your item(s) are shipped

Thank you for that extra savings, Amazon — as if I didn’t already love you, now I lurve you!


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  1. what 5 items to you get monthly?

    • Mara Strom says:

      Any 5 that have the Subscribe & Save option.

      I don’t do it every month — but I arrange my orders so they come in the same month (usually every three months) and then I get that 20% savings. You can delay shipments if necessary.

      • Christine says:

        Hi Mara,

        I’m really considering joining Amazon Prime. Do you find that the $79 yearly fee is worth it if you are only using Subscribe & Save every few months?

        Thank you!

        • Mara Strom says:

          Subscribe & Save orders ship for free regardless, but everything else is a Prime vs. Super Saver Shipping issue. Plus, with Prime, you get the video and Kindle lending library.

  2. Rivka H. says:

    I have had a subscription to an particular item for a couple of years. Whatever the current price is (when it ships?) is what I get charged (minus the S&S discount). However, I have seen the price on this item go down temporarily, in between deliveries. Do you think that in that case I should cancel the existing subscription then add it with the current lower price, so my next delivery is with the lower price? (I think that would work….?) I don’t think that’s what Amazon intended, but it galls me to be charged the higher price when I saw it go down just days or weeks earlier!!

    • Mara Strom says:

      Yes – I know it’s frustrating but I’d do what you said… to cancel and reorder at the lower price. It is galling!

  3. Does ordering multiples of the same item count towards the 5 or more items? Does 3 boxes of cereal (for example) count as 1 item or 3?

    • I see – if you add it as 3 units, it only counts as 1 item, but if you add it 3 times, it counts as 3 items.

  4. I’m an amazon prime member and I get a 15% discount on subscribe and save. I don’t have children…but if membership to amazon mom is free, should I join it? I’d get the 20% off on subscribe and save, but would there be any downside? Like, is there a minimum number of diapers I have to order from them per month/year?

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