Amazon | Vintage Owl Necklace Just $1.09 Shipped

Here’s another insane deal from Amazon (remember the $1.66 solar powered cars??!).

Grab this adorable vintage owl pendant and chain for only $1.09. With free shipping.

No. Seriously. One dollar and nine cents.

You’d pay more than that in gas to drive to the mall to look for a gift.

Most amazing of all, even with that $1.09 price tag, this cutie gets a 4.5 out of 5 star rating from over 40 reviewers!

My standard disclaimer about Amazon prices changing on a dime applies – always confirm before ordering!

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  1. Oh, and the .85 ring that goes with it and there were lovely hair clips w peacock feathers for $2 or something. I did lots of Hanukkah shopping! I also sent my nephews each a solar car, just so I will stay the cool auntie!

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