American Express $25 Statement Credit When You Spend $75 at Amazon

American Express Amazon Credit

Attention Amazon shoppers!

Do you have an American Express card?

Then this is a promotion you are definitely going to want to take advantage of.

Through December 31, you can register your eligible American Express Card and get a $25 statement credit when you spend $75 at Amazon. The statement credit will appear on your billing statement within 90 days following 12/31.

Note: You will need to sync with your Facebook, Twitter or Four Square account. The website will prompt you do this, just follow the instructions.

Have you been thinking about that awesome Canon T3i deal? Or the big Samsung HDTV deal? Or perhaps you’re eyeing the Kindle Fire deal we’re going to see tonight?

Whatever you purchase at Amazon, you’ll earn a $25 statement credit when you spend $75 and pay with your enrolled AmEx Card.

Hurry to do this now, so you’re ready to SAVE on all these awesome deals I’m sharing with you.

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  1. Rivki locker says:

    Wow, this is really a no brainer. Thanks!!

  2. Thanks, Mara, Question- is this $75 in one order, or in multiple amazon orders?

  3. And it didnt prompt me to sync with facebook. and it didnt send me an email confirming like it did with small business saturday registration.

    • Mara Strom says:

      Hmm, that doesn’t sound right. On the second page, you didn’t see three buttons – FB, Twitter or Linked In? You should definitely have seen that and gotten confirmation. I’d try again.

      As for the previous question – yes, $75 in ONE purchase.

      • on the next page, do you mean after clicking on i agree, and it confirms that i signed up, is there a link there to sync? i tried again and it said that my card was already registered.

        • Mara Strom says:

          My links were three little boxes at the bottom of the second page, right under where I agreed to the TOS. I’m sorry I didn’t screen shot it. Did you check your email spam? Maybe your confirmation went there?

  4. You don’t need to sync. I didn’t sync and still got the confirmations from amex that I was registered.

  5. I just tried to sign up and got a message saying the promotion has expired (even thought the 12/31 expiration is clearly shown on the screen). Anyone know how to make it work?

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