Cancel Your Home Phone & Save Money with Ooma – Just $119.99 *Lowest Ever Price*


Looking for options to your costly home phone?

We use the Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service – and love it!

And right now it’s 33% off at Amazon — you can pick up the device right now for only $119.99 with free shipping.

Although the Ooma has stellar reviews on Amazon, I asked my husband to write up a review of our personal experience using Ooma. Here’s what he had to say:

We have had the Ooma for two years now and are thoroughly pleased with it. The difference in telephone service is virtually undetectable from a classic land line, but Ooma costs a fraction of the price.

For those unfamiliar with Ooma, it’s a small box – about the size of a modem/router – that plugs in through your high-speed internet connection to give you free calling throughout the United States and low rates for international calls. The setup at our house is the Ooma in our home office, with three cordless phones placed all over the house.

We pay a small monthly fee (ours is under $4, but you can check here to see how much you will pay in your area), and we get caller-ID, call-waiting, call-waiting caller-ID, 911 and voice mail.

Installation is rather simple and it is possible to import your old phone number for a fee (or for free with a one-year subscription to Ooma Premier).

After subscribing, you can access all your phone information from your personal My Ooma account, where you can view call logs, listen to voice mail and check you calling statistics.

Ooma offers a virtually unlimited assortment of options for home phone solutions, including the Ooma Linx, which provided an extra phone jack in any room for adding an extra phone of fax machine, and the Ooma Mobile app, which allows Ooma subscribers to make international calls at a fraction of your cell provider’s rates.

New subscribers will also get a free 60-day trial of Ooma Premier, which adds an assortment of extra features, including free calls to Canada, an instant second line, a forwarding number if your internet is down, three-way conferencing and more.

My unsolicited review would be an overwhelming recommendation to stop paying monthly fees to the phone company and switch to Ooma now!

Our local phone bill would have $34.99 — with the Oooma, we started saving money after month 4.

Even more important, the call quality is superb; I have never lost a call and only very infrequently will there be any change in quality in a call.

By the way — if you make a lot of calls to Israel, we call land lines in Israel for just 2.8 cents per minute – or with a plan, we can get 1000 minutes for $9.99 a month. (Calls to Israeli cell phones are 21.5 cents per minute).

Amazon pricing can change on a dime, so please confirm prices before you check-out.

Thanks, It’s a Fabulous Life.


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  1. Do you know how this compares to the Obi? I know with the Obi you have to bring in your own phone number (google voice), and doesn’t have 911 services…but is significantly cheaper…thoughts?

  2. Melvin S Marsh says:

    You might also want to consider Vonage for some of your needs as well. It’s VoIP. I have two lines, one of which only costs $12 a month and I get better international calling rates (as in it is free to many countries).

  3. So it comes with long distance? I wonder how it compares to Straight Talk at Walmart. Have you heard of it?

  4. Okay I looked at Straight Talk and it is $100 to buy and $15 a month. It comes up to $280 a year versus $168 for Ooma. My question is can it connect if you have wireless Internet. I read a ton of comments on Amazon and couldn’t tell.

  5. I want to switch but I’m a little confused as to how it works once I get it. Who do I pay and how do I keep my own number? Is it all in the instructions?

    • Frankie says:

      It’s pretty much all in there when you set it up. We’ve had ours for a while, so I don’t remember all the details, but I believe the import of you old number is free. When you set up the Ooma, you register a credit card for the monthly fees. During the same startup process, it walks you through how to import your old phone number.

  6. Mara-Can you ask Frankie if he knows about how fast your internet speed needs to be, and also, for those of us who bundle the internet, TV, and phone…. Has he done any research on that? TY

    • Frankie says:

      I am not certain at what speed the Ooma would begin working well. The only info they list is “High-speed fixed-line Internet connection (cable, DSL, fiber-optic) + 256 Kbps upstream network speed (384 Kbps recommended).” Since we have a high-speed connection, it’s never been an issue.

      As for bundling, I guess that would depend on your specific package. I know that sometimes if you already get internet and TV from one provider, the discount is so great that it may be cheaper to stay with their phone service too. Since we do not have cable television, I have never looked into bundling for us.

  7. Mara Strom says:

    I asked my husband to weigh in, since this is truly his department. He’s got something this evening, but I’ll remind me him to check back in when he gets home.

  8. I have an Obi and connect to my google voice and have great service! Even have my regular fax and phones connected- basically paid $30 and no monthly fee whatsoever!

  9. I have an Obi and connect to my google voice and have great service! Even have my regular fax and phones connected- basically paid $30 and no monthly fee whatsoever…

  10. Thanks Mara for posting this! I am so excited to save $450+ year on my phone!

  11. What about using the Internet service? Does anybody know how that would work?

    • Frankie says:

      If I understand correctly, you are asking about using the Internet while on the phone? We do that all the time with nary a problem.

  12. I just got mine in the mail yesterday and activated it online today. There is a $40 to port or transfer your existing number. I bought the wireless adapter, too, since I have a wireless internet service and don’t want to go back to DSL that was corded and slower. They said it will take 3-4 weeks for the number to transfer.

    • Frankie says:

      I’m going purely on memory here… but I think if you sign up for whatever their preferred status is, Oome Prime or something like that, the porting of your number is free. That’s what we did and then we canceled the plan after a few months.

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