Cascade Action Pacs – $.14/Each, Shipped

Cascade Action Pacs

If you’re running low on dishwasher detergent, here is a fantastic price on Cascade Action Pacs!

Amazon has Cascade ActionPacs Dishwasher Detergent, Fresh Scent, 85-Count for just $14.16 with FREE shipping when you clip the $.50 eCoupon and choose Subscribe & Save.

Of course, when you have five active subscriptions in a month, your savings will be bumped up to as much as 20% from 5%. (20% for those of us with Amazon Prime/Mom membership, 15% for everyone else.)

So when you hit that magic FIVE number, you’ll only pay only $11.87 – or $.14 per tab.

The Kirkland brand tabs are $.20 each, so this is definitely a great deal.

If you’re looking for another order or two to bump you up to five total, check out this list of Subscribe & Save deals for under $3.

All subscription orders ship for free and you can cancel your subscription anytime after your order ships. Read my Subscribe & Save tutorial if you need more information.

Amazon pricing can change on a dime, so please confirm prices before you check-out.

Thanks, Maven of Savin.


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  1. How do I compare the price of a pack like this with liquid / powder detergent plus rinse aid? This looks like a really good deal.

    • Mara Strom says:

      That’s a good question and honestly, I’m not sure. I do know that the packs as a rule tend to be more expensive – same as with laundry. Convenience over cost, I guess.

  2. I would be careful, I had been buying those and they had an OU heksher and then I noticed that almost identical packages (still not sure what the difference is, maybe how long they’ve been on the shelf?) did not! I have seen them in several stores and always carefully examine the label because some are and some are not. Just a heads up. :)

    • Mara Strom says:

      Per the CRC, dishwasher detergent does not require a hechsher. But everyone should consult their own rabbinic authority if they have any questions of this nature.

      • Wow! I looked it up and sure enough Star K also holds that since detergent is chemical is does not need a heksher. This is after my Father-in-law came and threw the entire box away after he noticed it had no heksher!! (I am BT and often just go with what I am told…) I stole it back from the trash and have it sitting in my car waiting to remember to give it to my non-Jewish friend. I guess I can bring it back in the house! Also answers my question about why I’ve never seen dishwasher cleaner with a heksher!

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