How to Stop Having a Car Loan

How to Stop Having a Car Loan

Car loans are pretty much a way of life in America. According to CNW Marketing Research, 70.5 percent of people finance their cars. Seven out of ten. Of the remaining 29.5%, 18.5% lease them and 11% pay cash up front. So, seriously, when I … [Read more...]

Price Books 101 & Free Printables

How to Make a Price Book (Tutorial & Free Printables)

I'm not a super brand loyal person, but if I'm not making my own tomato sauce, I really prefer Newman's Own Marinara sauce. Yes, I'll use Barilla - or something else, if I've got a coupon. But Newman's Own tastes the best to me. Great, but what … [Read more...]

Personal Budget Coaching for 2014

Personal Budget Coaching

Personal Budget Coaching Are you drowning under debt, but resolved to turning that around in 2014? Are you uncertain how to make a budget -- but really want to for your family? Are you confused about which expenses are the most important -- … [Read more...]

The #1 Tip for Avoiding Debt: Start With What You Have, Not What You Need

The #1 Tip for Avoiding Debt- Change your mindset. It's about starting with what you have, not with what you need. It's not easy, but it can be done. Via

I often get emails from readers, who are looking for advice on getting out of debt. I love these emails, because it means that people are connecting and looking for solutions. Almost every email I receive shares a common thread: "How can we make it … [Read more...]

Open an Online Savings Account to Set Up Your Sink Funds (+ Reflections on the New Capital One 360)

piggy banks

You've heard me sing the praises of our online savings accounts for keeping our sink funds (and emergency fund) separate from the rest of our monthly spending money. In fact, to this day, those sink funds keep our budget humming along. They are … [Read more...]

Do You Have More Time than Money? Or More Money than Time?

Time or Money: Which Is More Available To You? (And How to Use These Precious Commodities as Wisely as Possible)

Remember when I mentioned that we'd been thinking about hiring someone to mow our lawn? Well, we did it. And I must admit that for a frugal-to-a-fault gal, it feels pretty weird to be paying a guy to do something we are perfectly capable of doing … [Read more...]

Are Student Loans Good Debt?

graduation cap

In Tuesday's post about credit card debt, Melissa asked: What is your take on other loans- like college loans, or once you’re done with college and have higher education loans (masters, doctorate)? I started to answer her, but then decided the … [Read more...]

Budgeting Basics | What’s wrong with a little bit of credit card debt?

Credit Card Debt Stress

What's wrong with a little bit of credit card debt? During last week's KOAB Budgeting Webinar, I was asked this question and honestly, it caught me off guard. I did my best to answer, but I have been reflecting ever since on the question and my … [Read more...]

How to Get Cheap Sports Tickets with Score Big


My children have followed in my footsteps as avid sports fans. However in today’s day and age, paying full price seems to cost an arm and a leg. And that’s before they hit you with the added processing, printing, shipping and various others … [Read more...]

5 Ways Losing Weight Is Like Getting Out of Debt


Today marks a pretty exciting day for me. I am officially more than half-way to my weight loss goal. On July 1st, I set out to lose 50 pounds. Today, I stepped on the scale and - hooray! - had lost 26 pounds. To celebrate, I'm writing this … [Read more...]