Ways to Save on Your Cell Phone Bill


I get lots of questions from readers about how to get the best deals on your cell phone packages. While I've answered those questions directly, I've always hedged on posting about this topic since I'm far from an expert. But then I thought -- hey, … [Read more...]

Why I don’t share my price book (And why I hedge when you ask: “Is this a good deal?”)

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 1.32.34 PM

Lately, I've received a lot of questions from readers such as: How much do you aim to pay for paper towel? I found this sale on napkins. Is it a good deal? What's the best price on … [Read more...]

My 5 Favorite Money-Saving Smart Phone Apps


After holding out for what seemed like forever, I finally upgraded to a smart phone last year. (My hubby got me the iPhone 4 for my birthday.) Although I really didn't think I 'needed' it, I'd be lying if I said I don't now rely on it … [Read more...]

How to Get Discount Tickets to Sporting Events & Concerts (Part 2)

This is a "guest" post written by husband, Frankie Sachs, former Sports Editor for the Jerusalem Post and current Managing Editor for the Euroleague. (Yeah, I'm a little proud. But really, that's my way of letting you know he comes by his knowledge … [Read more...]

Get $30 to ScoreBig for Just $9 = Cheap Sporting Events Tickets (Tonight Only – 10/15/12)

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Remember my husband's guest post about how to save money on tickets for sporting events? Well, I know we still owe you part two, and that IS coming... But tonight, I just found a sweet deal that you sports fans will want to take advantage of! The … [Read more...]

How to Get Cheap Sports Tickets with Score Big


My children have followed in my footsteps as avid sports fans. However in today’s day and age, paying full price seems to cost an arm and a leg. And that’s before they hit you with the added processing, printing, shipping and various others … [Read more...]

How to Have a Wedding on a Budget


This post is a guest post from KOAB reader and friend, Caroline Musin Berkowitz.  I’m going to let you in on a little secret: unless your last name is Trump or you are part of a royal family somewhere, your wedding is going to have a budget. You … [Read more...]

How to Cook Beans in Your Slow Cooker the Easy Way

put chickpeas in crockpot

Canned beans are a major convenience item in my house. But since I'm participating in the SNAP4aWeek Challenge, I'm reminding myself that it's really not that inconvenient to buy dried beans and chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans) and cook them … [Read more...]

SNAP Food Stamp Challenge | The Vegetarian Based Menu Plan

I'm a firm believer in the benefits of money-planning. Not only does it save sanity (no more "what's for dinner??? panic at 5 o'clock), but it saves a tremendous amount of money. When you plan a menu, and then shop according to that menu, you … [Read more...]

Join the SNAP Food Stamp Challenge | Eat on a Food Stamp Budget


I'm excited to announce that I'm teaming up with two of my blogging buddies to participate in Mazon's SNAP Food Stamp Challenge this coming week, July 16th - July 22nd, 2012. Mazon issued the Food Stamp Challenge to help raise awareness for those … [Read more...]