June Monthly Meal Plan: Changing Things Up

I mentioned the other day that I've been a bit lax in the menu-planning and food shopping department. Truth be told, May was a mess. I never got around to planning our menu - and you all know what happens when you don't menu plan! I have tons of … [Read more...]

My Family’s Passover Meal Plan

The first seder is in just 6 days, but I feel as though I'd need about 16 days to be fully ready for Pesach. Do I feel this way every year? I can't remember! I'm definitely behind the eight ball this year, though, that's for sure. Can anyone … [Read more...]

April Monthly Meal Plan: The First Two Weeks

You guys know that normally, I like to do monthly menu planning. But with Pesach coming in the middle of the month, I just can't put it all together into one plan. It just feels wrong to have all that chametz on the same plan with my matzah! So, … [Read more...]

Kosher Once A Month Meat Cooking Tutorial, Part 1

If you are looking to save time and money - and make meal planning a cinch - you must read this Tutorial on Kosher Once a Month Cooking by Chavi Singer of the new blog, Easy Jewish Home. This two-part series may just change how you feed your … [Read more...]

March Monthly Meal Plan ~ Link Up to Your Plans, Too!

I feel like I need to take a deep breath before heading into this month. March, Adar, Purim... and the looming thought of Pesach. I'll be honest - it fills me with joy, yes. But also a bit of anxiety, too. My goals for my meal plan this month are … [Read more...]

February Monthly Meal Plan ~ Link Up to Yours, Too!

A short month! Hooray - that means my grocery dollars don't have to get stretched quite as far. And I don't have to come up with quite as many meal options! I'm sharing my monthly meal plan with you because I want to show you that menu planning … [Read more...]

January Monthly Meal Plan

After a crazily haphazard month of December, in which I completely flew by the seat of my pants, I am getting back on the monthly menu planning bandwagon with a vengeance. This is going to be a busy month - several late night meetings, plus I am … [Read more...]

What happens when you DON’T menu plan

My in-laws came for a visit the first week in December. They have very different dietary preferences than we do (let's just say they like meat. Red meat.). So rather than make our normal monthly menu plan, we decided to wait until they arrived and … [Read more...]

November Monthly Meal Plan

I am far from perfect with my menu planning. But all of my shortcomings have taught me one thing: The surest way to blow your budget is not to have a menu plan. Recently, I concluded that for me, planning a month at a time is the easiest, most … [Read more...]

30 Frugal Things We Do. And 4 That We Don’t.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know by now that I'm a big proponent of using coupons, especially when you can combine them with a sale. But coupon shopping is far from the only frugal strategy we use. If you're looking for new ways … [Read more...]