Kid Friendly Lunches

As if my 5 year old would ever eat a stuffed pepper for lunch!

The end of school is right around the corner. There are many things to look forward to about the summer. But there's one thing that I'm definitely dreading: Lunch time. Yeah. If I dread packing lunch (and yes, unless we have left-overs, I … [Read more...]

Summer Potato Kale Gratin

potato kale gratin

Oh happy day - my CSA started up again this week! The first few weeks of the season are usually quite leafy green-heavy. This is, of course, very healthy, but after the third week of kale and spinach, it starts to present a bit of a culinary … [Read more...]

Charoset for Passover Recipe


PHOTO CREDIT: Flickr Creative Commons If you're on Facebook or Twitter with me, you know that I've been in the kitchen today cooking for Pesach - and I've definitely got a lot of company out there in internetland. Next on my to-do list is the … [Read more...]

Passover Recipes: Vegetable Kugel, Matzah Lasagna, Oven-Baked Matzah Brie

Kugel with zucchini, sweet potato, red potato, onion and squash

We are in the Leil HaSeder home stretch, so I thought we could use one last Pesach recipe post. I'm breaking with tradition and posting this on Thursday, since I figure most of us need all the time we can get (maybe I'm just projecting, … [Read more...]

Levana’s Kosher for Passover Brownies


Today's recipe exchange is kind of an unusual one for me. Typically, I share one of my personal favorite recipes, but today I have the honor of sharing a Passover recipe from the well-known Jewish cookbook author, restaurateur, and kosher food … [Read more...]

Red Cabbage Salad


I got some great ideas from all of you on Facebook last night for Recipe Exchange themes. Thank you, thank you! Rest assured, I will get to all of them. But today I am starting with salads - specifically, I'm thinking about the Shabbat salad … [Read more...]

Pareve and Dairy Slow Cooker Recipes


On my last crockpot themed recipe exchange, you guys shared a lot of great ideas and recipes - thank you all! Today, I wanted to send out a call for pareve or dairy recipes (no meat or chicken) that work in the crockpot. On the KOAB Facebook page, … [Read more...]

Dairy Free Chocolate Tart with Pretzel Crust


Chocolate is like a food group unto itself -- at least at our house! Get yourself some high cocoa-concentration dark chocolate and you're totally justified in calling it health food! Of course, my kids like milk chocolate, which isn't quite as … [Read more...]

Shabbat Leftovers That Stretch


We do very well saving money during the week by eating a mostly vegetarian diet. Come Friday, however, not only is my family hankering for some M.E.A.T., but I also feel the need to put out a nicer-than-normal spread lichvod Shabbat (in honor of the … [Read more...]

Best Kosher Brisket Recipe (Coca-Cola Brisket)


As you know, the two secrets to a good (Jewish) brisket are low -- and slow. I cooked this one for about 5 hours last night on 300°. I let it cool overnight to let the fat get all congealed so I could scrape that part off. Then I sliced the … [Read more...]