American Express | Get $25 Statement Credit with $100 Purchase at

Planning on making a big purchase from If you're a member, here's a great way to save $25. American Express is offering a One Time $25 Statement Credit with $100+ Purchase at … [Read more...]

5 Things Not Buy at Costco (Because You’ll Pay Less at the Grocery Store)

5 Things Not to Buy at Costco... Because You'll Pay Less at the Grocery Store

We've talked before about the 7 things that I always buy at Costco - because they are truly a great deal, without ever having to cut a coupon or wait for a sale. But shopping at Costco can also give you a false sense of security. You may be lulled … [Read more...]

Buy Your Kosher for Passover Honey at Costco


I stopped in at Costco today to get our Pesach meat and cheese. The first thing I saw when I walked in was a mammoth display of clover honey. Gigantic Costco-sized, 5-lb bottles for only $11.99! I was so flummuxed. I thought I was seeing … [Read more...]

The 7 Best Deals at Costco

The 7 Best Deals at Costco | Not everything at Costco is a bargain - in fact, quite the opposite. But these seven items are an incredible buy - and you never have to clip a coupon to save!

I've written before about how Costco can be both a boon and a curse for the bargain shopper. While there are some amazing deals at Costco, you have to be careful. Not everything is cheaper at Costco than the regular shelf price at your local … [Read more...]

It’s cheaper to shop at Costco.

Last week, I started a little series here at Kosher on a Budget about some of the misconceptions surrounding coupon usage. The first one I addressed is that it's not worth it to use coupons, since the store-brand is cheaper. Not true! At least, not … [Read more...]