Possible Cow Headband SNAFU

Cow headbands for Passover
A number of us (me, too) ordered some cute cow headbands from Amazon a few days ago – based on the product description that there are six of them. (And that they were quite cute).

Well, lo and behold, I’ve heard from two readers who only got their package — but it only had one headband in it. I’m not sure what the number 6 in the title of the product means – but apparently it’s NOT six items. :(

Fortunately Amazon’s got great customer service. And I encourage any of you who feel that something hasn’t gone right with a purchase – whether online or brick-and-mortar – to politely ask for some assistance in making it right.

I’m waiting for my package to arrive later today, but assuming that I also only get one headband, I’ll be doing the same.

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  1. Mine came yesterday and only had one as well…. :(

  2. Only had one AND its mukzeh. They gave it to me for free plus a free one day shipping in a replacement order. I got the multi pack of.farm animal masks instead.

  3. huh… they only sent me a shipping label – back to CS I go….

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