Creative & Frugal Ten Plagues “Shtick” Ideas for Your Passover Seder

Ten Plagues Shtick Ideas

Image via Martha Stewart

Two years ago, I introduced seder “shtick” for the Ten Plagues at our seder and our kids LOVED it.

I hope you won’t find this too irreverent, but here is is what we do for our Ten Plagues “Shtick”:

Dam / Blood – I bought Kosher for Passover strawberry-flavored jello powder, placed a teaspoon in each of the kids’ glasses, then poured water into their glass – voila! “Blood”. Check your Passover aisles at the grocery store – you should be able to find some strawberry or cherry jello.

red jello

Tzfardaya / Frogs – I got some plastic toy frogs from Oriental Trading Company. Shipping might be tight from OTC, but those stretchy frogs I posted a few days ago are still $3.98 (look on the right under “More Buying Choices).  Or you can get a whopping 144 of these plastic jumping frogs for just $4.98 with free shipping as an Add-On items. Talk about “Frogs were jumping EVERYWHERE!”

Flying Frogs Jumping frogs

Kinim / Lice – I used little silver confetti, which we had with our gift wrapping supplies. But these “Creepy Ants” might do a good job of standing in at just $3.

silver confettiPassover Seder Shtick

Aruv / Wild beasts – I picked up some plastic finger puppets of lions, tigers and bears (oh my!), again from OTC, but I see the same ones at Amazon for $8.68. (I save mine from year’s past in our Pesach tubs, so this is a one-time expense.)

animal finger puppets

Dever / Cattle disease — Cow masks. I can’t find the ones I got, but I see that this set of 12 animals for $6.37 has a cow in it. It also has “wild beasts” so you could use this for both plagues. Use a red Sharpie to make some “pocks” on your mask.

Cow Mask

Shechin / Boils — I use bubbles, which admittedly is a bit of a stretch. This year, I’m “upgrading” to red bouncy balls (if I don’t find an all-red set in time, I’ll get this 144-piece set and pick out the red ones. The rest can get donated or used in birthday goody bags.)

read bouncy ball

Barad / Hail — I used mini Kosher for Passover marshmallows, which was for sure my kids’ favorite part! Check your super markets – you can probably find it cheaper locally than what I’m seeing online.

Mini Marshmallows for Passover

Arbe / Locust — I bought two dozen plastic bugs from Oriental Trading Company, but this Melissa & Doug plastic insect set from Amazon for $6.94 looks a lot friendlier than our scary insects (which actually did scare my daughter — oops!).

Plastic Insects

Choshech / Darkness — Everybody gets a pair of cheap sunglasses — like this one dozen Neon Wayfairer sunglasses from Amazon for $6.44. Would you believe we still have three pairs left from last year?

Plastic Sunglasses

Macat Bechorot / Slaying of the first born — Of all the plagues, this was the hardest for me to figure out. We’ve used bendable skeletons (from Oriental Trading Company), which are sadly no longer available. I did find these LEGO skeletons, which could be good – especially if your kids are LEGO-obsessed. (And some really creative parents could probably do a whole LEGO Ten Plagues set-up!)

LEGO Skeleton

As for how we “presented” the plagues, I just toss these out onto the table as we read out each plague, but I like Martha Stewart’s idea to give each child (& adult?!) their own “makot bag”.

If you’re having a large crowd, you could even use the bags as the name cards. Of course, my kids wouldn’t be able to wait on opening theirs – so we’d have to hold off.

edible 10 plagues

You should also check out this awesome idea for an Edible 10 Plagues on Cook Kosher, by the talented Abbey Wolin of Not2Shabbey fame. I love her ideas — and I bet my soooo-hungry-by-this-point-in-seder kids would, too!

What fun things do you do at your seder to keep the young (and young at heart) entertained and engaged?




  1. I am going out on a limb this year and plan to add some beets to my matzah ball soup. Soup will be red (for dam). I will let you know how it turns out.

  2. Like you, last year, I took it to a whole new level on the plagues. I compiled clips from various science fiction movies so that we had monster locusts, giant bugs, beasts from Star Wars, etc. Then I put it to music in a music video. You can check it out at: . We did our Seder in the family room, and cued this and other videos at the appropriate moment.

    The other videos that we used can be seen as a collection at

    The only problem is that the kids expect more this year. I’m putting the finishing touches on Harry Potter and the Passover Seder now, and will have my Hogwarts Haggudah completed tonight. I can’t wait to see the look on the kids’ faces when they hear Harry Potter asking the four questions.

  3. Check out the Harry Potter spring candy sets on These would make great place cards at the table.

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