Don’t forget to link up to the Virtual Sukkah Hop

With less than 48 hours until this whole chag thing starts up again, I wanted to remind you to come join in my Virtual Sukkah Hop. Even if you’re too shy to post, you should definitely check out the link-ups and pictures (in comments), if you haven’t already.

A big thank you to Dara, In Our Small Garden, A Mother in Israel and KKBE of Charleston for their wonderful contributions! I love your sukkot. And, I know there are still tons more amazing sukkot out there, just itching to join the virtual fun icon wink Dont forget to link up to the Virtual Sukkah Hop

Like this incredible work of art, which I found on Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (hey, she’s hosting a Sukkah Hop, too! Check it out and join the fun!). And this lovely sukkah from the homeschuling blog (is that not the coolest name ever?!) And then of course, there’s a whole city of Sukkot in Manhattan.

Check them all out, and then head back here to get your Hop on!

Moadim L’Simcha. xo



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