Download “Twelve Years a Slave” eBook for $.99

12 Years A Slave

You can download the e-book version of Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northrup for just $.99.

First published in 1853, Twelve Years a Slave is the narrative of Solomon Northup’s experience as a free man sold into slavery. Northup’s memoir reveals unimaginable details about the slave markets, the horrors of life on a plantation, and the dreadful day-to-day treatment of the slaves from the perspective of a man who lived more than thirty years as a free man before being forcibly enslaved.

This movie, which won best motion picture drama at the Golden Globes this past weekend, is based on this book which was originally published in 1853. I am really looking forward to seeing the movie, but I definitely want to read this book first.

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The price of this e-book is $.99 right now, but Amazon can change the price at any time – so always confirm before ordering.

Thanks, Maven of Savin’.

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