Father’s Day Kindle Fire Deals

Kindle Fire HD

Amazon is offering some nice savings on the Kindle Fire this week for Father’s Day (of course, you can get this as a gift for dad… or anyone else!).

You can get the Kindle Fire HD 7″ with Special Offers for $179.00 when you use code DADSFIRE at checkout.

If you’d rather have one of the more “suped up” versions, you can take $20 off any of the Kindle Fires:

As always, your new Kindle Fire will ship for FREE. (Two-day shipping with Prime – and most people say they get it the next day.)

Of course, even if this is a gift for dad, he may want to share with her children – in which case, you’ll want to check out my review of Kindle Free Time. My kids really like it and I love all the kid-approved content with limits that I set for them.

By the way, if you’re worried about the Special Offers – I will tell you that they don’t feel intrusive at all to me. They only show up on the screen when your Kindle has “gone to sleep”.  As soon as you swipe to “wake up” your Kindle, the ads are gone. I’d definitely start with the ads to see how you feel about them before paying to have them removed.

Shop for your Kindle Fire HD HERE.

Code expires 6/8/13.


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  1. Rivka H. says:

    I’m waiting for a deal on the basic Kindle – not ready to commit to a Kindle Fire here yet.

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