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Making a Time Capsule for First Day of School

With the first day of school looming on the horizon for many families, I wanted to share a fun project I did yesterday with my children – ages 10 and 7.

We created our very own First Day of School Time Capsule.

Although we homeschool, I think this idea would work for anyone — whether your kids go to private school, public school or do school at home.

To start with, I made up an All About Me Survey for my children with questions like:

First Day of School Time Capsule

You can download my All About Me Back to School Survey HERE – and of course feel free to switch up the questions to match your children’s interests.

They each worked hard on writing out their answers — and yes, I did encourage them to use their best handwriting!

Making a Time Capsule for the First Day of School

Once they finished up their answers, we moved on to decorating their “time capsule”. I was going to bury them in the backyard, but I was a bit worried that the paper would get destroyed underground without a better container than a recycled glass pickle jar (which is what we were going to use).

So instead, they illustrated manilla envelopes and we’ll store them away in our bank safety deposit box.

I can’t wait to find out how they’ve changed in just a few short months!

Do you have any special Back to School traditions? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.




  1. On the first day of school, I take a picture of my children with their favorite toy (now it is their phones or computers) and their book bags in front of my refrigerator. It is fun to see the growth, both physically and emotionally through the years. When they reach 12th grade, I will put them together in a timeline to show them their maturing process.

  2. I do a similar survey at the beginning and end of the year. The kids like to look at how their answers have changed. We also take a picture of all the kids on the front porch, each holding a sign saying “First Day of ** Grade.” I treasure those pictures! (We homeschool, too!)

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