Get a Kindle for as Low as $19 (Targeted Offer – See If You Qualify)

$50 off Kindle Fire Amazon

Here’s one of those “luck of the draw” offers — so, let’s hope some KOABites are lucky!

Amazon is offering $50 off the Kindle or Kindle Fire to select customers.

I didn’t “qualify” — nor did anyone I know personally — so I hadn’t posted this when I first saw it on Friday. However, this morning, a KOAB reader got this – which made me think it’s worth it to post this after all!

If you are eligible, you will see the above image, which means you can get a Kindle Fire HD for just $89 or a Kindle e-reader for only $19! Just click on the yellow “Apply Offer” button.

If you aren’t eligible, you’ll see a message like I did, which says, “We’re sorry, you are not eligible for this offer.”

Not eligible for Kindle deal

Even if you already own a Kindle, it’s worth it at this price (assuming it’s in the budget ;-)) to grab another one for your gift closet!

Please comment if you get the credit — I sure hope some more KOABites get it!

Two-day shipping on your Kindles is free with your Amazon Prime account. If you’re not a member, you can get free 5-7 day shipping via Super Saver Shipping when you spend $35 or more.

Amazon pricing can change on a dime, so please confirm prices before you check-out.

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  1. I had this offer. It’s a great deal.

  2. I qualified! got the kindle and the paperwhite.

  3. I got it! thanks so much!

  4. Kathy Kaufman says:

    I got it! Thanks so much! I bought the paperwhite and a cover.

  5. Thank you Mara. Got the paper white and an adaptor. Been thinking about a Kindle for a while but hated to give up books which I love. Thinking I will do both.

    • Fantastic — enjoy! I am also clinging to “real books” (mostly b/c I read on Shabbat more than any other time), but I do love that quick and easy access to ebooks!

  6. Got one! Thank you – what a great deal!

  7. David Waghalter says:

    Blerg. First time I clicked, I got it, but didn’t order. Then I decided to order and now it’s gone. :(

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