Great Deal on Pyrex Set from Amazon

Amazon Pyrex deal

We have been slowly switching over from plastic to glass to store our left-overs. We’ve tried a few different brands, and my favorite are the Pyrex sets. If you’re on a similar quest, I wanted to let you know that right now Amazon has a sweet deal on the 10-Piece Pyrex Set for just $13.49.

Here’s what I love about them:

  • They can go from fridge to stove or microwave
  • The glass bowls are freezer-safe and dishwasher-safe as well
  • They have the blue lids — and we are a pretty strict color-coded family. {Blue (or white) = dairy. Red = meat.}

We picked up a set of these at Costco a while back, but this deal on Amazon is definitely the cheapest I’ve seen so far. If you’re in the market for some nice glass storage containers, you can’t go wrong with the 10-Piece Set.

Those of you who have signed up for Amazon Mom will get free two-day shipping with your Prime membership. Otherwise, this set qualifies for free shipping with a $25 purchase. (But why not just sign up for Amazon Mom? It’s free!)

Don’t forget that Amazon is notorious for frequently changing its prices, so be sure to confirm the price before pressing Order.

P.S. It may not be the sexiest of gifts, but I personally think this set would make a great low-cost Hanukkah present.

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