*Hot* $20 Gift Card to Amazon for Just $10 from Living Social

You guys are lucky I’m a night owl!

Living Social — yup, another deal of the day site — just released a scorching HOT new deal, which I’m sure is going to be sold out in no time.

Get a $20 Amazon gift card for just $10. If you’re tired of waiting for your Swagbucks to add up, or you just want to get that KitchenAid mixer a little bit cheaper, this is an AWESOME deal.

Go here to sign up and buy your gift card. But do it quick. Like lightning quick!

Oh, and I almost forgot the coolest part: Once you buy this deal, Living Social will give you a link you can use to promote the deal, and then when three of your friends have bought the deal – you get your gift card for FREE, baby!

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  1. Thanks Mara! Hopefully you’ll get yours free—I just got one and I’m sure at least two others will. This will make diapers super cheap!

    • Theres # 2 for you….. :)

      • You guys are sweet!

        I’ve got my card free now, so please don’t anybody feel obligated to buy this or any other deal I post about.

        Only buy this if you want it and will use it! (Although I am guessing most of will fall under the want-it-and-will-use-a-50%-off-sale-to-amazon category ;-)!)

  2. Just got mine for free (I think)! Nothing better than $20 FREE at Amazon! (But… it looks like three referrals bought; however, it still shows that I am paying $10… shouldn’t I receive an email notification from the Living Social? Just curious how you found out yours was free, Mara.)

  3. Did you get those three little guys lit up underneath your referral link? That’s how I knew. I also haven’t gotten any email notification one way or the other, but I’m guessing their site has been slammed. It shows that over 570,000 people have bought the deal (wow – that is a stunning number), so I’ll just let it ride and see what happens for now.

    • yep, my little guys lit up. I saw it with the first one, and the next time i checked, I had all three! i’ll just wait with glee that now I have $20 on Amazon for free! I see a wedding purchase in my future. (and i’ll spend $5 so that i can get free shipping.)

  4. if you get it through the swag bucks link you can get 208 swagbucks

  5. I got mine free!! I dont know who clicked through me… but thank you!!! :) And thanks Mara for the tips!

  6. Super weird – I KNOW people used my link to make purchases, but i’m 1 short on getting this deal for free!!

    I’ve emailed LivingSocial, but if anyone still wants this deal *please* use this link:


    or this one:


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