Kleenex for $.75/Box Shipped

Since the Kleenex deal that I shared earlier today sold out in about a nano-second, here’s one more. But it’s going to require you to get a LOT of tissue.

Amazon has Kleenex Facial Tissue, White, 100-Count (Pack of 36) for $34.01 when you check out thru Subscribe & Save.

But, first, clip the $7 off coupon (right below the product description), to pay $27.01 – or just $.75 per box.

This is a stellar deal – my last stock-up was $.80 per box at CVS with a coupon and a sale, so this one is not only cheaper but a lot easier.

And you’ll be stocked up on tissue until 2014.

Remember: All Subscribe & Save orders ship for free and you can cancel your subscription anytime after your order ships. Read my Subscribe & Save tutorial if you need more information.

Thanks, Leah Sarah!

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  1. Thanks! I got that deal. How do you calculate what a good deal is with different sized boxes (i.e. 100 count vs. 184 count). I trust you when you say it’s stellar, so I snagged this anyway, but just curious :)

    • We were just talking about this over on FB, too, Lana: https://www.facebook.com/kosheronabudget/posts/516354275064472

      Basically, I divide the price by the # of sheets. This size box I can usually get at CVS for around $.80 w/ coupons and ECBs.

      Personally, I’ll pay a slight premium to get something delivered to my home and not even have to fuss with ECBs or coupons (I don’t mind, but if I can do about the same without, I prefer that). On this deal, it’s actually a smidge better, so yes – I’m in 😉

      I’d also note that as you keep your price book, you’ll see that the per tissue cost (for example) of one brand or “style” vs. another can really vary. For instance, the lotion tissues are more expensive. If that’s really important to you, you may need to adjust the price you’re willing to pay.


  2. I’m in for this deal. Thanks!!!

  3. Deal is gone. Coupon has been removed.

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