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This Kosher Aldi Database is a comprehensive list of all the kosher-certified products carried by the Aldi chain of grocery stores.

There are currently over 250 entries in the database. To scroll through them all, you will need to press “Next” or “Previous” at the bottom of the each page of the chart. To find a specific product or type of product, just type the item into the Search box at the top right of the database and push enter.

These items & their prices have been submitted to KOAB by readers from around the country. Since this is a collaborative effort, you may discover that your local Aldi has different availability or pricing.

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If you discover a kosher product at your local Aldi, or come across an error in this table, please send me an email.

ItemDepartmentBrandHechsherPriceUnit PriceQuantityUnitPhoto
2 ply toilet paperHousehold and BabyWillow$0.99$0.25 / roll4roll
2x premium liquid laundry detergentHousehold and BabyTandil$6.99$0.07 / oz100oz
2x ultra liquid laundry detergentHousehold and BabyTandil$2.39$0.05 / oz50oz
10" ultra heavy duty platesHousehold and BabyBoulder$2.99$0.07 / plate40plate
acetametaphin or ibuprofenHousehold and BabyWelby$1.99$0.02 / tablet100tablet
All natural fruit bars - lemon, tropical, strawberryFrozen FoodGrandessaOU$1.99$0.12 / oz16oz
All natural raspberry lemonadedairynature's nectrarOU$1.99$0.03 / oz59oz
almond milk, original and vanilladairyFriendly Farms$2.49$0.04 / oz64oz
Almonds - sliced or sliveredBaking SuppliesSouthern GrOVeOU$2.49$0.42 / oz6oz
aluminum foilHousehold and BabyBoulder$1.99$0.03 / ft75ft
angel hair pastaOU$1.69$1.69 / oz1oz
anti-wrinkle face creamHousehold and BabyLacura$3.99$2.35 / oz1.7oz
apple juice, 100%BeveragesNature's Nectar$1.69$0.03 / oz64oz
assorted hazelnut coffee creamersdairyfriendly farmsOU-D$2.29$0.07 / oz32oz
automatic dishwasher detergent - gelHousehold and BabyReeva$2.49$0.03 / oz75oz
baby wipesHousehold and BabyLullabies$0.99$0.01 / each72each
Baking sodaBaking SuppliesBaker's Corner$0.49$0.03 / oz16oz
batteries - AA or AAABeveragesActivEnergy$1.99$0.25 / battery8battery
beauty barHousehold and BabySource$2.49$0.29 / oz8.5oz
block of cream cheesedairyhappy farmsOU-D$0.99$0.12 / oz8oz
blueberriesFrozen FoodSeason's Choice$2.49$0.21 / oz12oz
body washHousehold and BabySource
bran flakescerealMillvilleOU$1.89$0.11 / oz17.3oz
brown instant riceFit & ActiveStar-K$1.49$0.11 / oz14oz
Brown sugarBaking SuppliesBaker's Corner$1.39$0.04 / oz32oz
brownie mixBaking SuppliesGhirardelliChaf K D$1.99$0.11 / oz18.75oz
brownie mix, double chocolateBaking SuppliesGhirardelliChaf KD$1.99$0.11 / oz18oz
butter flavored or reduced fat crescent rollsdairybakehouseOU-D$1.49$0.19 / oz8oz
butter quarters, salted or unsalteddairycountryside creamery$1.69$0.11 / oz16oz
buttermilk pancakesFrozen FoodBreakfast BestOU-D$2.89$0.09 / oz32oz
Canola oilBaking SuppliesCarliniOU$2.69$0.06 / oz48oz
cappuchino powder, French vanilla or double mochacoffee accompanimentsbeaumontOU-D$2.29$0.14 / oz16oz
Caramel apple dipSnacksBerryhill$1.99$0.14 / oz14oz
Cashews - halves and piecesSnacksSouthern GrOVe$2.49$0.31 / oz8oz
center split deli rollsBakeryL'oven FreshOU$1.69$0.11 / oz15oz
Cheese crackersSnacksSavoritzOU-D$1.89$0.14 / oz13.7oz
cherry ciderBeveragesNature's NectarOU$2.99$0.05 / oz64oz
Chewy granola bars - chocolate chip or peanut butterSnacksMillvilleStar-K$1.69$0.20 / oz8.4oz
chipotle hummusdairylittle salad bar$1.69$0.21 / oz8oz
Chocolate crackle cookie mixSnacksKrusteaz$7.99$0.12 / oz66oz
Chocolate flavored syrupSnacksBerryhill$1.39$0.06 / oz24oz
chocolate flavored syrupcondimentsberryhillou (on back)$1.39$0.06 / oz24oz
Chocolate molten lava cake mixSnacksSpecially Selected$1.99$0.15 / oz12.9oz
chunk light tuna in oilOU$0.75$0.15 / oz5oz
chunk light tuna in waterOU$0.69$0.14 / oz5oz
chunk light tuna pouchOU$0.79$0.30 / oz2.6oz
cinnamon crunch squarescerealMillvilleOU-D$1.99$0.16 / oz12.8oz
cinnamon rollsBakeryL'oven FreshOU-D$2.99$0.14 / oz22oz
classic blend tea bagsteabennerOU$1.89$0.02 / bags100bags
clOVer honeycondimentsberryhillOU$2.69$0.22 / oz12oz
clOVer honeycondimentsberryhillOU$4.49$0.19 / oz24oz
cocoa peanut butter puffs or kookiescerealMillvilleOU$1.99$0.15 / oz13oz
Cookies - oatmeal, chocolate chipSnacksBenton'sOU-D$0.95$0.07 / oz14oz
Cookies, animal crackersSnacksBenton's$1.29$0.10 / oz13oz
Cookies, Candy cane chocolate sandwich cremesSnacksBenton's$1.99$0.13 / oz15.25oz
Cookies, chewy chocolate chipSnacksBenton's$1.89$0.13 / oz14oz
cookies, chocolate chip dunkersSnacksBenton'sOU-D$3.49$0.22 / oz16oz
Cooking spray - assorted flavorsBaking SuppliesCarliniOU$1.39$0.23 / oz6oz
Corn oilBaking SuppliesCarliniOU$2.99$0.06 / oz48oz
Crackers, assortment of sixSnacksSavoritzOU$2.49$0.19 / oz13oz
Crackers, Buttery roundSnacksSavoritzOU$1.79$0.11 / oz16oz
crackers, cornbreadSnacksSavoritzOUD$1.29$0.18 / oz7oz
creamy caramel dipcondimentsberryhillOU-D$1.99$0.14 / oz14oz
creamy peanut buttercondimentspeanut delightOU$2.29$0.13 / oz18oz
creamy peanut buttercondimentspeanut delightOU$4.49$0.11 / oz40oz
crescent rollsdairybakehouse$0.99$0.12 / oz8oz
crisp rice cerealcerealMillvilleOV$1.79$0.15 / oz12oz
crispy oatscerealMillvilleOV$1.89$0.13 / oz14oz
crunch barsFrozen FoodSundae ShoppeOU-D$2.49$0.08 / oz30oz
crunchy granola raisin brancerealMillvilleOU$2.29$0.13 / oz18.2oz
crunchy peanut buttercondimentspeanut delightOU$2.29$0.13 / oz18oz
danish - cheese or raspberryBakeryL'oven FreshStar-D$2.99$0.20 / oz15oz
Dates - chopped or pittedBaking SuppliesSouthern GrOVe$1.99$0.25 / oz8oz
decorated paper plateHousehold and BabyBoulder$1.89$0.04 / plate45plate
diapers - jumbo packHousehold and BabyLullabies$4.99
disinfecting wipesHousehold and BabyFreshine$2.99$0.04 / each75each
Dried apricotsSnacksSouthern GrOVeOU$1.99$0.33 / oz6oz
Dried cranberriesSnacksSouthern GrOVeOU$1.39$0.23 / oz6oz
Dried mixed berriesSnacksSouthern GrOVeOU$2.49$0.50 / oz5oz
drink mix - lemonade, pink lemonade, grape, fruit punchBeveragesMixadeOU$1.79$0.09 / oz19oz
duplex sandwich cremesSnacksBenton's$1.39$0.06 / oz25oz
elbow macaroniOU$1.69$0.05 / oz32oz
entertainment crackersSnacksSavoritzOU$1.49$0.19 / oz8oz
evaporated milkBaking SuppliesBaker's CornerOU-D$0.65$0.05 / oz12oz
exotic vegetable chipsSnacksGrandessaChof-k$2.79$0.40 / oz7oz
extra virgin olive oilBaking SuppliesCarliniOU$3.29$0.19 / oz17oz
facial cleansersHousehold and BabyLacura$2.49$0.29 / oz8.45oz
facial tissue with lotionHousehold and BabyWillow$1.19$0.02 / tissue75tissue
facial tissue with lotionHousehold and BabyWillow$1.19$0.01 / tissue184tissue
flour, all-purposeBaking SuppliesBaker's Corner$1.60$0.32 / lb5lb
foam platesHousehold and BabyBoulder$1.49$0.03 / plate50plate
foaming hand soapHousehold and BabySource$1.49$0.20 / oz7.5oz
freezer or storage gallon bagHousehold and BabyBoulder$1.99$0.05 / bag40bag
french vanilla coffee creamerdairyfriendly farms$2.29$0.07 / oz32oz
french vanilla regularcoffee accompanimentsbeaumontOU-D$1.99$0.13 / oz15oz
french vanilla sugar freecoffee accompanimentsbeaumontOU-D$1.99$0.20 / oz10.2oz
fresh eggs, 1 dozendairyGoldhen$1.15$0.10 / egg12eggs
frosted flakescerealMillvilleOV$1.99$0.12 / oz17oz
frosted sugar cookiesBakeryL'oven FreshOU-D$2.29$0.17 / oz13.5oz
fruit and grain cereal bars - apple cinnamon, mixed berry or strawberrySnacksMillville$1.89$0.18 / oz10.4oz
fruit and grain cereal bars apple cinnamon or strawberrycerealMillvilleOK-D$1.89$0.24 / bars8bars
fruit and grain cereal bars blueberry or mixed berrycerealMillvilleOK-D$1.69$0.21 / bars8bars
fruit roundscerealMillvilleOU$1.69$0.14 / oz12.2oz
fruit strips - pomegranateSnacksFit & ActiveStar-K$4.99$0.42 / oz11.8oz
fruity ricecerealMillvilleOU$1.79$0.16 / oz11oz
garlic lOVers or topped humusdairylittle salad barOU$1.99$0.25 / oz8oz
get balancecerealMillvilleOUD$2.69$0.19 / oz14.1oz
get balance crunchcerealMillvilleOUD$2.69$0.18 / oz15oz
glass cleanerHousehold and BabyFreshine$0.89
gourmet cookies - variousBakeryL'oven FreshOU-D$2.89$0.21 / oz14oz
gourmet crackersSnacksSavoritzOU$1.89$0.12 / oz16oz
great northern beansDakota$2.29$0.07 / oz32oz
greek yogurt (blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, black cherry, pineapple, peach)dairyfriendly farmsOU-D$0.89$0.15 / oz6oz
green beansFrozen FoodSeason's Choice$1.49$0.09 / oz16oz
green teateabennerOU$1.19$0.06 / bags20bags
half and halfdairyfriendly farmsOU-D$1.79$0.06 / oz32oz
hamburger dill pickle chipsDry GoodsGreat GherkinsOU$1.69$0.05 / oz32oz
hand dish detergentHousehold and BabyReeva$1.89$0.08 / oz24oz
hazelnutcoffee accompanimentsbeaumontOU-D$1.99$0.13 / oz15oz
heavenly crisp - peanut butterSnacksSkinny CowOU$3.29$0.71 / oz4.65oz
heavy duty paper plateHousehold and BabyBoulder$2.79$0.03 / plate80plate
heavy whipping creamdairyfriendly farmsOU-D$1.89$0.12 / oz16oz
homestyle cookies - chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisinSnacksBenton'sOK$1.99$0.12 / oz16oz
homestyle spreaddairycountryside creameryOU-D$1.99$0.04 / oz45oz
homestyle wafflesFrozen FoodBreakfast BestOU-D$1.29$0.13 / oz10oz
honeyDry GoodsBerryhill$4.49$0.19 / oz24oz
honeyDry GoodsBerryhill$2.69$0.22 / oz12oz
honey crunch n oats- original or with almondscerealMillvilleOU-D$1.89$0.13 / oz14.5oz
honey nut crispy oatscerealMillvilleOV$1.49$0.12 / oz12.25oz
honey or cinnamon graham crackersSnacksBenton'sOU$1.49$0.10 / oz14.4oz
Honey twistsSnacksClancyOU$3.49$0.15 / oz24oz
honey wheat puffscerealMillvilleOU$1.99$0.13 / oz15.3oz
hot fudge toppingcondimentsberryhillOK-D$1.99$0.12 / oz16oz
ice cream - chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough, mint chocolate chip, moose tracksFrozen FoodBelmontOU-D$2.69$0.06 / oz48oz
ice cream - Neapolitan, fudge swirl, vanillaFrozen FoodSundae ShoppeOU-D$4.99$0.08 / oz64oz
ice cream barsFrozen FoodSundae ShoppeOU-D$2.49$0.08 / oz30oz
ice cream bars - chocolate, orange sorbet, wildberry sorbetFrozen FoodFit & ActiveOK$2.99$0.12 / oz24oz
ice cream toppingsSnacksBerryhill$1.99$0.12 / oz16oz
iced tea - green, lemon, half-half lemonadeBeveragesArizonaOU$0.79$0.03 / oz23oz
iced tea mix (powder)teabennerOU$3.99$0.08 / oz53oz
individual raisin packs (6)SnacksSouthern GrOVeKORC$1.39$0.15 / oz9oz
instant hot chocolate w/ milk choccoffee accompanimentsbeaumontOU-D$1.19$0.12 / envelopes10envelopes
instant nonfat dry milkBaking SuppliesBaker's CornerOU$6.99$0.27 / oz25.6oz
jalapeno slicesTuscan GardenOU$1.19$0.10 / oz12oz
juicy red punchBeveragesHawaiian PunchOK$2.19$0.02 / oz128oz
jumbo fancy whole cashewsSnacksSouthern GrOVeOU$4.49$0.11 / oz10oz
junior pops - regular or sugar freeFrozen FoodSundae Shoppe$1.99$0.05 / oz42oz
kettle chips - BBQ, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper, Jalapeno, OriginalSnacksClancyOU$1.79$0.21 / oz8.5oz
Kids KrunchcerealMillvilleOU$1.99$0.12 / oz16oz
kosher dill halvesdairygreat gherkinsOU$2.49$0.08 / oz32oz
large drawstring trash bags - 30 galHousehold and BabyBoulder$4.99$0.18 / bag28bag
large flap trash bag - 30 galHousehold and BabyBoulder$4.99$0.12 / bag40bag
lasagnaRegganoOU$1.29$0.08 / oz16oz
liquid bleachHousehold and BabyTandil$1.29$0.01 / oz96oz
liquid enhancerBeveragesFit & ActiveOU$0.00 / oz1.42oz
liquid hand soapHousehold and BabySource$0.85$0.11 / oz7.5oz
long grain rice (white)Rice Bowl$1.79$0.60 / lb3lb
long super padHousehold and BabyBlossom$1.79$0.11 / each16each
low fat cottage cheesedairyfriendly farmsOU-D$2.19$0.09 / oz24oz
low-fat kefir, blueberry or strawberrydairylifewayOU-D$2.79$0.09 / oz32oz
m & m's candy, peanut or plainSnacksOU$2.89$0.23 / oz12.6oz
maple leaf cream cookiesSnacksBenton'sKog-k dairy$1.99$0.17 / oz11.4oz
margarinedairyimperialOU-D$0.79$0.05 / oz16oz
milk, 2%dairy$2.691gallon
milk, lactose freedairyFriendly FarmsOUD$2.79$0.04 / oz64oz
milk, organic soydairyFit & ActiveOU$2.49$0.04 / oz64oz
milk, skimdairy$2.491gallon
milk, wholedairy$2.991gallon
mini croissantsBakeryL'oven FreshOK$2.49$0.25 / oz10oz
mini donuts - chocolate or assortedBakeryL'oven FreshOU-D$1.89$0.16 / oz12oz
mixed fruitFrozen FoodSeason's Choice$1.99$0.12 / oz16oz
napkinsHousehold and BabyBoulder$1.49$0.01 / napkin250napkin
natural creamy peanut butterSnacksPeanut DelightOU$2.29$0.14 / oz16oz
natural creamy peanut buttercondimentspeanut delightOU$2.29$0.14 / oz16oz
neufchatel cheese 1/3 low fatdairyfit and activeOU-D$0.99$0.12 / oz8oz
no calorie sweetenerBaking SuppliesSweet AdditionsOU$1.99$0.02 / packet100packet
nuts, mixed nutsSnacksSouthern GrOVeOU$2.79$0.28 / oz10oz
OJ mini pack 6minisdairynature's nectrarOU$2.99$0.07 / oz40.5oz
old fashioned oatscerealMillvilleOU$2.19$0.05 / oz42oz
orange juice concentrateFrozen FoodNature's Nectar$1.29$0.11 / oz12oz
orange juice from concentratedairynature's nectrarOU$1.89$0.03 / oz64oz
organic extra virgin olive oilBaking SuppliesSimply Nature$3.99$0.23 / oz17oz
original coffee creamercoffee accompanimentsbeaumontOU-D$1.99$0.12 / oz16oz
original coffee creamerdairyfriendly farmsOU-D$1.49$0.05 / oz32oz
original or lite maple syrupcondimentsaunt maple's syrupOU$1.69$0.07 / oz24oz
original or spicy guacamoledairylittle salad barOU$2.99$0.21 / oz14oz
original sandwich cookies - vanilla or chocolateSnacksBenton'sOU-D$1.79$0.12 / oz15.5oz
oyster crackersSnacksSavoritzOU$0.89$0.09 / oz10oz
pantilinersHousehold and BabyBlossom$1.79$1.00 / each56each
party cupsHousehold and BabyBoulder$2.39$0.05 / cup50cup
party mix - assortedSnacksClancyOU-D$2.19$0.17 / oz15oz
peachesFrozen FoodSeason's Choice$1.99$0.12 / oz16oz
peanut butterSnacksPeanut DelightOU$4.49$0.11 / oz40oz
peanut butter - creamy or crunchySnacksPeanut DelightOU$2.29$0.13 / oz18oz
peanut butter and honeySnacksPeanut DelightOU$2.29$0.13 / oz18oz
peanut butter cupsSnacksChoceurOUD$2.49$0.21 / oz12oz
peanut butter wafersSnacksBaker's TreatOU$1.19$0.10 / oz12oz
peanuts, dry roasted (salted or unsalted)SnacksSouthern GrOVe$2.69$0.17 / oz16oz
peanuts, party peanuts (can)SnacksSouthern GrOVe$2.69$0.17 / oz16oz
pecan halvesBaking SuppliesSouthern GrOVeOU$3.99$0.66 / oz6oz
pecan shortbread cookiesSnacksBenton'sOU-D$1.59$0.10 / oz16oz
penguin baked cheddar snack crackersSnacksSavoritz$1.49$0.23 / oz6.6oz
penne rigateOU$0.99$0.06 / oz16oz
personal drink mixBeveragesMixadeOU$1.49$0.15 / pack10pack
pickles, baby dillsDry GoodsGreat GherkinsOU$1.29$0.08 / oz16oz
pickles, kosher dill sandwich slicesDry GoodsGreat GherkinsOU$1.29$0.08 / oz16oz
pickles, kosher dill spearsDry GoodsGreat GherkinsOU$1.69$0.07 / oz24oz
pie crusts 2packdairybakehouseOU-D$1.99$0.13 / oz15oz
pineapple, driedSnacksSouthern GrOVeOU$1.49$0.25 / oz6oz
pinto beansBenita$1.79$0.06 / oz32oz
pistachiosSnacksSouthern GroveCircle K P$5.99$0.37 / oz16oz
pizelle cookiesSnacksSpecially SelectedOU$2.79$0.40 / oz7oz
plastic wrapHousehold and BabyBoulder$1.49$0.01 / ft200ft
Plus multi-grain - penne rigate or rotiniOU$1.49$0.10 / oz14.5oz
pomegranate juicedairypom wonderfulOU$2.99$0.19 / oz16oz
Pretzel rodsSnacksClancyOU$3.49$0.12 / oz28oz
Pretzel sticks or minisSnacksClancyOU$1.29$0.08 / oz16oz
pretzels, sourdoughSnacksClancy'sOU$0.99$0.12 / oz8oz
pringles - assortedSnacksPringlesOU$1.45$0.23 / oz6.4oz
print classic paper towelHousehold and BabyBoulder$1.89$0.63 / roll3roll
pro-biotic yogurt 4pack strawberry or vanilladairyfriendly farmsOU-D$1.490.37 / 4oz yog44oz yog
prunesBaking SuppliesSouthern GrOVeKORC$1.69$0.19 / oz9oz
pub mixSnacksUtzOU$4.99$0.25 / oz20oz
pudding - assorted flavorsSnacksLunch Buddies$0.89$0.22 / each4each
pumpkin spice or peppermint mocha coffee creamerdairyfriendly farmsOU-D$1.49$0.09 / oz16oz
pure maple syrupcondimentsaunt maple's syrupou on back$3.99$0.47 / oz8.5oz
pure olive oilBaking SuppliesCarliniOU$2.79$0.16 / oz17oz
purified water - 0.5L bottlesBeveragesPurAqua$2.29$0.01 / oz405.6oz
purified water - 10 oz bottlesBeveragesPurAqua$2.49$0.01 / oz240oz
quart freezer bagsHousehold and BabyBoulder$1.99$0.05 / bag40bag
quart storage bagsHousehold and BabyBoulder$1.99$0.04 / bag50bag
quick oatscerealMillvilleOU$2.19$0.05 / oz42oz
raisin brancerealMillvilleOU$1.89$0.09 / oz20oz
raisinsSnacksSouthern GrOVeKORC$1.79$0.12 / oz15oz
raspberry fruit stripsSnacksFit & ActiveStar-K$1.99$0.50 / oz3.95oz
raspberry or cheese rollsBakeryL'Oven FreshOUD$2.99$0.14 / oz22oz
raspberry preserves w/ splendacondimentsfit and activeOU$1.99$0.15 / oz13oz
rice crisps - garden salsa or sweet chiliSnacksSimply NatureOU$2.29$0.33 / oz7oz
rice snacks - caramel or cheddarSnacksFit & ActiveOU$1.99$0.33 / oz6oz
rice squarescerealMillvilleOU$2.19$0.17 / oz12.8oz
saccharinBaking SuppliesSweet Additions$1.19$0.34 / oz3.5oz
salmonOU$2.69$0.18 / oz14.75oz
saltine crackersSnacksSavoritzOU$0.99$0.06 / oz16oz
sardinesDry GoodsNorthern CatchOU$0.99$0.26 / oz3.75oz
satin soft fabric softener liquidHousehold and BabyFreshine$2.99$0.06 / oz51oz
satin soft fabric softener sheetsHousehold and BabyFreshine$1.99$0.02 / each80each
shampoo or conditionerHousehold and BabyMode$1.59$0.13 / oz12.6oz
shortbread cookie party trayBakeryL'oven FreshOU-D$1.25$0.06 / oz20oz
Skinny Cow Dreamy clusters - milk chocolateSnacksSkinny CowOU$3.29$0.55 / oz6oz
small curd cottage cheesedairyfriendly farmsOU-D$2.19$0.09 / oz24oz
smoked almondsSnacksSouthern GrOVe$3.99$0.33 / oz12oz
smooth slider storage freezer gallonHousehold and BabyBoulder$2.39$0.18 / bag13bag
smooth slider storage freezer quartHousehold and BabyBoulder$2.39$0.11 / bag22bag
smooth slider storage storage gallonHousehold and BabyBoulder$2.39$0.14 / bag17bag
soft & strong toilet paperHousehold and BabyWillow$4.99$0.42 / double roll12double roll
solid white albacore tunaOU$1.15$0.23 / oz5oz
sour creamdairyfriendly farmsOV-D$1.29$0.08 / oz16oz
spaghettiOU$1.69$0.05 / oz32oz
specialty mustardsDry GoodsBurman'sOK$1.19$0.09 / oz13oz
spring water - 0.5L bottlesBeveragesPurAqua$2.79$0.01 / oz405.6oz
steak sauceDry GoodsBurman's$1.29$0.13 / oz10oz
steviaBaking SuppliesSweet Additions$1.99$0.71 / oz2.8oz
strawberriesFrozen FoodSeason's Choice$1.99$0.12 / oz16oz
sugarBaking SuppliesBaker's Corner$1.87$0.47 / lb4lb
sugar conesSnacksBenton'sStar-K$1.69$0.34 / oz5oz
sugar cookie doughdairybakehouseOU-D$1.99$0.12 / oz16oz
sugar crystalsBaking SuppliesBaker's CornerOU$0.99$0.20 / oz5oz
super maxi padsHousehold and BabyBlossom$1.79$0.07 / each24each
super sweet cornFrozen FoodSeason's Choice$0.95$0.06 / oz16oz
sweet bread and butter chipsDry GoodsGreat GherkinsOU$1.29$0.08 / oz16oz
sweet peasFrozen FoodSeason's Choice$0.95$0.06 / oz16oz
sweet potato tortilla chipsSnacksSimply Nature$1.99$0.27 / oz7.5oz
sweet relishDry GoodsGreat GherkinsOU$1.29$0.08 / oz16oz
sweetened condensed milkBaking SuppliesBaker's CornerOU$1.19$0.08 / oz14oz
swiss rollsSnacksBaker's TreatOU$1.19$0.09 / oz13oz
tall drawstring kitchen bags - 13 galHousehold and BabyBoulder$4.99$0.11 / bag45bag
tastes like butterdairycarlini$0.99$0.06 / oz16oz
thin wheat crackers - regular or reduced fatSnacksSavoritzOU$1.29$0.13 / oz10oz
toilet paperHousehold and BabyWillow$6.99$0.39 / double roll18double roll
tomato soup canDry GoodsFit & ActiveOU$0.79$0.07 / oz10.75oz
tri-color rotiniOU$0.99$0.08 / oz12oz
twisted fruit ropesSnacksSimply Nature$2.49$0.50 / oz5oz
ultra paper towelHousehold and BabyBoulder$5.99$0.75 / roll8roll
ultra thin padsHousehold and BabyBlossom$1.79$0.10 / each18each
ultra thin with wingsHousehold and BabyBlossom$1.79$0.11 / each16each
ultra toilet paperHousehold and BabyWillow$5.99$0.50 / double roll12double roll
vegetable chipsSnacksClancy$1.79$0.24 / oz7.5oz
vegetable oilBaking SuppliesCarliniOU$2.49$0.13 / oz48oz
veggie strawsSnacksClancy$1.79$0.26 / oz7oz
waffle bowlsSnacksBenton'sStar-K$1.69$0.24 / oz7oz
waffle conesSnacksBenton'sStar-K$1.69$0.21 / oz8oz
whipped dairy toppingdairyfriendly farmsOU-D$1.49$0.21 / oz7oz
whipped plain cream cheesedairyhappy farmsOU-D$1.49$0.19 / oz8oz
whipped toppingFrozen FoodFit & ActiveOU-D$0.89$0.11 / oz8oz
white rice - minuteRice BowlStar-K$2.39$0.09 / oz28oz
whole grain thin spaghettiFit & ActiveOU$0.99$0.07 / oz13.25oz
wide egg noodlesRegganoOU$1.29$0.08 / oz16oz
wOVen wheat crackers - regular or reduced fatSnacksSavoritzOU$1.25$0.12 / oz10oz
yellow mustardDry GoodsBurman'sOK$0.69$0.05 / oz14oz
yogurt, nonfat and fatdairyfit and activeOU-D$0.39$0.06 / oz6oz
you choose paper towelHousehold and BabyBoulder$2.69$1.34 / roll2roll
zipper sandwich bagsHousehold and BabyBoulder$1.99$0.02 / bag100bag
pumpkin pureeBaking SuppliesStar-K1.29$0.04 / oz29oz