Magnetic Stick N Stack Tiles – $79.99 or Less (Like Magnatiles – Best Deal Before Chanukah)

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Best Deals for Black Friday on Magnatiles

At least once a day, a reader emails to ask me about a deal on magnatiles.

Well, at 2 pm EST today (11/22), Amazon is going to have a Lightning Deal on Magnetic Stick N Stack CLASSIC Set 100 magnetic tiles.

You will need to scroll to the right using the grey arrow at the right of the page to see this 2 pm deals. Or you can find it faster by clicking on Categories, then Toys. The Categories link is right on top of that grey arrow on the right of the page.

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Now, these are not the original Magnatiles, but I’ve actually been contemplating posting about these for a few weeks, because they get such good reviews.

And frankly, for the price difference, I think one would have to seriously consider this deal.

The lowest ever price on this set on Amazon has been $79.99. (That sure is a lot less than $120 for Magnatiles.) I’m confident the Lightning Deal price will be at least that good — if not even better.Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 7.32.10 AM


Are these just as good as magnatiles?

Since we own neither these nor Magnatiles, I can’t speak to that personally. But I can tell you that the reviews are glowing on Amazon.

Yes! Having built with both, I cannot tell the difference. I weighed the pros and cons and took a chance and am glad I bought them. My kids 3 and 6 love them. You get more and the cost is less and the quality the same. — Reader Review from November 20, 2013

Also note that if you have a smaller set of Magnatiles and want to expand, all the reviews say that these are fully compatible with Magnatiles.

  • A total of 112 piece set 100 Magnetic tiles & 12 wheel parts.
  • Includes Windows .Fully compatible with other brands.
  • Clear transparent tiles Color Red Orange Blue Green.
  • Made of top quality & Safety tested to for all american guide lines.

If you want to score this deal, I recommend bookmarking this page and setting a reminder for yourself at 1:55.

If you’re unfamiliar with Lightning Deals, here’s how it works: Amazon puts certain items on deep, deep discount for a three-hour window. The number of items available at this low price are limited and the best deals do sell out very quickly – often within just a minute of going “live”.

The good news is that you can get on the wait-list and I’ve had pretty good success with making it off the wait-list (i.e. getting to purchase the item in the end).

Read more about how the Amazon Lightning Deal Wait-List works.


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  1. Just keep in mind if you already have magnatiles these are probably not compatible.
    You can get magnatiles on with gift25 25% come out to $90. Today is probably the last day.

  2. I really do HOPE its compatible. I got the deal. Thank You KOAB! Estimated delivery is on sunday, so will see then… G’Shabus!

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