My Unsolicited Review of Luvs Diapers

diaper-review-luvsLast week, I posted about a deal on Luvs diapers for less than a dime per diaper at Amazon. I’ve told you before that $.10/dipe is my “buy now” price – but I fully recognize that those kind of deals aren’t available every week.

Most of my disposable stash is Huggies, since I’m not a fan of the baby powder smell of Pampers. Plus, whatever Pampers uses in its “absorbent core” feels a little too crunchy to me (anyone else?). Anyway, my preference is for Huggies, but I hadn’t found a $.10/diaper deal in over a month and our stash of Size 3’s was running a little low.

When I saw that I could get Luvs for around $.09 each on Amazon I decided to go for it – despite the fact that I’d never used Luvs before and was a bit wary of buying 204 of them. Obviously the frugal side of me won out!

So far, I’m loving them! They have a similar fit and profile to Pampers. Out of the package, they are super trim, but when I put them on my daughter, they fit just as well – if not better – than my preferred Huggies. The stretchy tabs on the sides really help to get a great fit.

The outer material is not at all slick, which some reviewers had complained about on Amazon. And I love that there is neither the “crunchy” feel that Pampers have, nor the overwhelmingly baby powder smell.

With their cheaper price point plus all the great “features”, I think I’ve become a Luvs convert.

By the way, you can still get that great price on the Luvs from Amazon. (Prices will vary slightly, depending on what size you order, and whether or not you have the 20% off coupon code from Parents or American Baby magazine.)

Put Luvs Premium with Ultra Leakguards, Size 3 (16-28 Lbs), 204 Diapers in your cart ~ $35 ($.17 ea)
– Select the Amazon Mom/Subscribe & Save option (Don’t worry, you can cancel it immediately after your order ships) – save $10.50
– Apply your 20% off Parents Magazine discount (or you can get one in the January American Baby magazine) – save another $4.90
= Pay just $19.60 – or $.096 per diaper!

The other great news is that by ordering a box of Luvs, you are making a pre-discount purchase of more than $25, which means your Amazon Mom membership will get extended for another month for FAH-REE!

Okay, moms and dads of (disposable) diapered kids, are any of you luvin’ Luvs as much as I am?

* This has been a completely unsolicited review. Luvs doesn’t know who KOAB is. I am just sharing my opinion because I’m so tickled to have found such a frugal alternative to diapering my little one!

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  1. Leigh Ann says:

    We love Luvs too. We actually use three different brands of diapers, just so I can tell Ashi’s apart from Rami’s apart from Nesi’s. Since Nesi uses the most diapers, she gets the cheapest ones, which means Luvs. I actually hated Luvs for my boys – not enough protection in the boy area, I guess – but for Nesi they are fabulous, and even do a good job overnight.

    Also, as a side note, Amazon mom has changed my life. Because you can get 30% off, they’re about the same price as the store-brands I was getting. Not schlepping to the store for diapers has made me a marginally sane woman.

  2. I’ve used luvs for all my kids. I really like them. I got that deal a couple of weeks ago! It’s great!

  3. I love Luvs! I used to be a Pampers only type, but then i tried Luvs and am totally for them. for the first 2-3 months i use swaddlers becuase i find that they are better for newborns, but after that it’s whatever is cheapest. i also use shoprite diapers, which we think are the same as rite aid diapers and have been happy with those as well.

  4. I can’t stand Luvs. I much prefer the Shoprite store brand diapers. (Of course, I would prefer no diapers at all. I am so sick of them. I have not had a day since the 20th century that I have not had a child in diapers.)

  5. I used Luvs with my oldest, we had no problem with them. I then decided to try the Target brand diapers which I thought were fabulous. Unforturnately, my youngest seems to get a rash from everything except the premium diapers, either Pampers Cruisers or Huggies Snugglers. I agree that Amazon is the way to go for diapers, I only wished I tried it sooner. If you don’t hae a rash issue I would totally recommend trying the Target diapers, they’re seriously awesome. There’s often coupons for them in the Target mailers and I also found that when I was buying the on regular basis I almost always got a catilina for them. I don’t know if they’re cheaper than the Luv’s through Amazon, but if you need a back up plan I think there great and I was pretty upset that I can’t use them on my little one who I’m so ready to potty train. Everytime I think we’re just about there we’re not, I think she’s taunting me :)

  6. I tried everything when my oldest was born. I hated the way huggies fit and found pampers pricey. I used pampers until I discovered LUVS and once I tried it I loved it. I tried Target brand for my second and it was good for him. The Target manufacturer changed the fit in the past few years and it just didn’t work for my 3rd. I am a LUVS fan (i find the generics don’t absorb as much, so you need to change the kid twice as often. I also find they don’t fit well). I love the fit. I love that they absorb well.
    I also love that it comes once a month and I don’t have to worry about reordering it. When I don’t need, I just cancel that months delivery. It’s a pleasure not to have to drag myself to the store for diapers anymore. And I love the moms membership/free shipping. I no longer have to wait for $25 in my shopping cart!

  7. fyi- also found the code in parenting magazine in case you don’t have the others mentioned!

  8. missfrizzly says:

    love, love, love amazon’s diaper deals…i get a box of 200 pampers for $20 without having to schlep to the store, etc…in answer to your question, i’ve tried luvs but didn’t like them much, the pampers seem to fit my baby better…and i do like target diapers too, but with the subscribe and save 30% off plus the 20% coupons, the pampers diapers from amazon are half the price of the target diapers…and i don’t have to go to the store! so i’m sticking with amazon for now, about to order my 5th box…

  9. I want to say “thank you!”
    I just ordered some luvs (since it’s a much better deal than the target brand, which i’ve been using – and not happy lately with the fit…) PLUS i had never heard of the mom subscription thingy or the monthly subscription thingy either so I snagged a bunch of other stuff that I get often, and at a great price! so, thanks again – KOAB is my new favorite blog to check out every day!

  10. I have four kids and am a long-standing LUVS fan. I started using Luvs because they were less expensive, but now I actually prefer them. I also find that Kirkland (Costco) diapers are very good and a bit less $ than Luvs.

  11. used luvs for six kids. dont like Huggies, they seem to emphasize the urine smell.
    the store brands leaked alot for me, so with the extra laundry it was not worth the savings.

  12. Looks like Luvs are a winner for most of us! Yay for even more frugal alternatives :) A dime a dozen diaper is definitely doable with Luvs.

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