From Passover deals, to Kosher for Passover recipes to seder-hosting tips, find everything you need for a frugal and festive Passover at Kosher on a Budget.

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The Seder / Passover Meal – Are you looking for inspiration on preparing your Seder on a budget? Do you need a quick Seder checklist? Do you want a sample Seder menu plan? Find all these things — and more!
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Passover Recipes – Need some surefire Passover dessert recipes? A soup that isn’t chicken? Maybe a Kosher for Passover sweet potato gnocchi recipe? (It’s perfect for chol ha’moed) Find all of Kosher on a Budget’s Passover recipes here.
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Passover Symbols – Looking for a new haggadah for your family’s seder? Want to buy, make or upcycle a new seder plate? Can’t remember what all those seder plate items mean? This is where all thing symbolically Passover live.
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Passover Coupons and Deals – Shopping with coupons and taking advantage of online deals doesn’t stop just because it’s Passover. In fact, it’s all the more important. Find all relevant coupons, deals and sales in this section.
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Kosher for Passover – What new products are kosher for Passover this year? Which products don’t require a special Passover hashgacha? How can you make your own kosher for Passover dressings, cakes and more? Find all that and more in this section.
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Passover on a Budget — Passover can be one of the most expensive times of the year. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep your Passover costs in check. After all, we don’t want to introduce a new kind of bondage – to credit cards – as a result of our celebrations.

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