Rosh Hashana Recipe Round-Up

If you are in need of a little recipe inspiration for Rosh Hashana, look no further. Here is a round-up of some of the best Rosh Hashana recipes from around the web – many shared by KOAB readers themselves.

Rosh Hashana Challah

round challah 300x224 Rosh Hashana Recipe Round UpCroation Star-Shaped Challah from Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (isn’t that gorgeous?!)

pumpkin challah 300x200 Rosh Hashana Recipe Round UpPumpkin Challah from The Challah Blog found via Andrea on Pinterest

rhodes apple challah 300x222 Rosh Hashana Recipe Round Up Stuffed Apple & Honey Challah from Susie @ The Daily Cheapskate


easy beet salad 300x225 Rosh Hashana Recipe Round UpEasy Beet Salad from More Quiche Please

Seven Vegetable Couscous from Homeshuling

spicy carrot chips 300x247 Rosh Hashana Recipe Round UpSpicy Carrot Chips from Tales of an Overtime Cook


Honey Roasted Chicken with Vegetables from Newleywed Kosher

Pomegranate Glazed London Broil with Carmelized Onions by Susie Fishbein  РI desperately want to make this, but WHAT is pomegranate molasses and WHERE do I get it?!

pomegranate chicken 300x253 Rosh Hashana Recipe Round UpPomegranate Chicken from House & Home

Side Dishes

butternut squash kugel 300x239 Rosh Hashana Recipe Round UpButternut Squash Kugel from More Quiche Please

moroccan meat cigars 300x200 Rosh Hashana Recipe Round UpMoroccan Meat Cigars from Kosher Cooking for Ordinary People


apple and honey marshmallows 300x202 Rosh Hashana Recipe Round UpApple and Honey Marshmallows from Couldn’t Be Parve

apple tart 300x300 Rosh Hashana Recipe Round UpApple Tart from Healthy Cooking for Ordinary People

Magic & Majestic Honey Cake from Smitten Kitchen – I had this cake last year. It truly is magic and majestic.

honey cookies1 300x224 Rosh Hashana Recipe Round Up(Not Your Bubby’s) Honey Cookies from Tales of an Overtime Cook

And More

martha apple honey Rosh Hashana Recipe Round UpHoney Dipped in Apples – from none other than Martha Stewart. Is this not the cutest thing ever?!

pomegranateCocktail 300x200 Rosh Hashana Recipe Round Up

Pomegranate Fizz from Challah Crumbs – I LOVE this idea!

Do you have a favorite Rosh Hashana recipe you’d like to add to the list? Please leave a comment with the link – I’ll be happy to update this post.




  1. Love the recipe ideas! We are making all RH meals so some inspiration is much needed and appreciated. If I get ambitious I might even try the London broil! (Btw, check out this recipe for pomegranate molasses: I’ve seen it available online as well but I don’t know if it’s hechshered.)

    • THANK YOU! Oh my gosh, that looks so easy. And I have some POM juice in the fridge, so I’ll use that instead of squeezing *shudder* pomegranates. I might need to cut the sugar, but I’ll figure that out. THANKS! :-)

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! The butternut squash kugel sounds yummy and yes, the apples dipped in honey are very cute. Has anyone tried the kugel recipe? I’d like to hear how it turned out.

    • I have a very similar recipe using frozen butternut squash that’s one of my go-to easy Shabbat side dishes. It’s very tasty if you like sweet kugels. I have substituted baking Splenda for the sugar and you can’t really tell the difference.

  3. Hi Mara,
    Love all the recipes.. can’t wait to try some.
    I would like to add my most recent post which is
    ” How to make matzo balls Gluten Free. ”
    I don’t know if it is appropriate. If it is please add it
    my blog is vegetarian /gluten free.

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