Rosh Hashana Round-Up | Recipes, Menu Plans and More

With just a few hours left until Erev Rosh Hashana, no one has time to do deep searches of KOAB to find the recipe, braiding video, or menu plan idea they are looking for.

So in between making my last batch of BBQ Crockpot beef and starting the pumpkin soup for Tuesday lunch, I thought I’d provide you guys with this quick round-up of all my past Rosh Hashana posts. Hopefully this will save you a few minutes searching and make your next 20 or so hours run a little more smoothly!

Rosh Hashana Recipes

Rosh Hashana Dessert Recipes

Rosh Hashana Dessert Recipes

An Easy Way to Braid a Round Challah


Apple-Stuffed Challah Recipe (I used this recipe, but braided with the technique above to make these!)

Even Easier Apple-Stuffed Challah

Rosh Hashana Simanim Tapas Menu

Rosh Hashana Simanim Tapas-Style Menu

Delicious Rosh Hashana Side Dishes

Delicious Rosh Hashana Side Dish Recipes

36 Apple Recipes for Rosh Hashana Collage

36 Apple Recipes for Rosh Hashana from Soup to Dessert


How to Host a Honey Tasting on Rosh Hashana

honey-mustard-salmonRosh Hashana Honey Mustard Salmon **Be sure to read the comments for tons of amazing recipes shared and submitted by KOAB readers!**

How to Seed a Pomegranate (one of the most useful things you’ll find on this blog!)

And finally, if you have young children hankering for something to do, print out these cute Free Rosh Hashana Coloring Pages.

Plus, All My Rosh Hashana Menu Plans










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