Rummikub for Just $5


It’s back!

Rummikub is just $5 at Amazon right now.

This is one of my family’s absolute favorite games – and for just $5, it’s a great item for the gift closet.

In fact, since this is an add-on item, you may want to get three (the maximum) to get you closer to that $25 threshhold for free shipping.

(With add-on items, your entire order ships for free once you have $25 in your cart. The other items can be free ship items via Amazon Prime, as long as you hit $25. The add-on items count to your total.)

If you’re looking for an extra special gift for a Rummikub-lover, I noticed that the Deluxe Rummy with Wooden Racks in Attache Case is just pennies above the lowest ever price at $29.99.



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