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This is a guest post by Rachael Kornblum of Surviving on a Tight Budget

I love Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program because you can get great deals on items you use a lot of. They give you a 5-15% discount off the regular price and free shipping (no minimum order).

You only have to sign up to receive the item again at a regular interval. However, you can skip an order or change your delivery frequency at any time. (You can read this Subscribe & Save tutorial for more information.)

Here are some good deals I found recently through this program. Keep in mind that prices change often and not every deal offered on this program is a good deal versus what you can pay in the store.  That’s why a price book is so important.

The following deals are arranged from largest savings to smallest.

New Morning Honey Grahams, Pack of 12 – $44.10

When I can afford it, I prefer to get my children graham crackers from Whole Foods, because they are higher in fiber and contain no hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, and other harmful ingredients. This is my favorite brand. We go through a case like water! Unfortunately, the Amazon Subscribe & Save program does not have the cinnamon ones right now and hasn’t for several months.

The case price at Whole Foods makes for a better deal, but they often don’t have 12 on the shelf to sell. They will give you the case discount if it is close, though. However, the Amazon price on New Morning Honey Grahams beats the case price regardless!

Whole Foods = $4.99 box, with case discount of 10% off = $53.89
Amazon S & S price: 14.4 oz boxes, pack of 12 = $44.10
Savings off Whole Foods case price = $9.79

Curel Itch Defense Lotion, 20 Ounce – $7.59

This is one of my favorite lotions. It works great for me as well as for my boys who have bad excema. This is a good deal if you don’t want to worry about coupons.

Target price: $6.29 for 13 oz. = $.484/oz.
CVS price: $8.49 for 13 oz = .653/oz., $5.99 sale sometimes = $.461/oz.
Amazon S & S price: 20 oz., $7.59 = $.38/oz.
Savings off CVS sale price for 20 oz. = $1.63

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash, Pack of 2 – $9.40

I love this brand of shower gel/body wash because it doesn’t have a scent that irritates me and it is great for when my skin gets itchy and dry. If you don’t want to mess with coupons, this is a good deal.

Target price: 18 oz, $7.99 = $.444/oz.
Amazon S & S price: 12 oz. (pack of 2), $9.40 = $.392/oz.
Savings off Target price for 24 oz. = $1.25

Great Lakes Select Honey, Clover, 32-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3) – $14.76

I prefer to make my challah with honey over sugar because it is healthier. However, my recipe uses a cup of honey. My kids also love to drip honey on their challah on Shabbos. (I know, we are addicted. We stretch the High Holidays tradition all year!) So we typically buy our honey at Sam’s in bulk. I used to be able to find it at for even cheaper than Sam’s, but they haven’t
offered that deal in a while. But Amazon has a deal of its own now. I liked buying honey in a case, so I wasn’t running to Sam’s every time I needed to make challah! I also like the smaller containers because the large one can be hard to pour from at the table. (Although I do appreciate the large one for lack of wasted packaging!)

This is also a good deal to remember for those times when Sam’s doesn’t have honey at all (which has happened to us just a few months ago).

Sam’s price: $12.97 for 80 oz. = $.162/oz.
Amazon S & S price: 32 oz. bottles, pack of 3, $14.76 = $.154/oz.
Savings over Sam’s price for 96 oz. = $.80

Remember, Amazon pricing can change on a dime, so always confirm prices before you check-out.

All Subscribe & Save orders ship for free and you can cancel your subscription anytime after your order ships. Read my Subscribe & Save tutorial if you need more information.

Rachael Kornblum is a teacher, blogger, and scrapbooking consultant from St. Louis, MO. She writes Surviving on a Tight Budget, a blog about saving money, protecting the environment, and keeping kosher. She focuses on tips that can be used any time.

This post contains affiliate links, which help to support Kosher on a Budget. For more information, see my disclosure policy.

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