Sephardic Guides to Passover (2016)

Sephardic Guides to Passover
Yesterday, I shared information about  2016 food products that don’t require a special Passover hechsher. And here is a similar list for non-food items.

Today, I wanted to round out this series with some links to the Sephardic Passover Guides. My Sephardi friends are so fortunate, as not only don’t the 18 food items I listed yesterday not require a special “P” hechsher, but so do a whole bunch of other products.

And of course, there are kitniyot. *Sigh*

Here is a link to The Laws of Passover (Sephardic) from the West Coast Rabbinical Court of Beverly Hills ( Rabbi Gabriel Cohen Rav”D).

Permissible products without a P include almond milk, Hershey’s Krackle Milk chocolate bars (and Reeses Peanut Butter cups), and cans of plain crushed tomatoes.

And here is a link to the Recommended Passover Product List For Sephardic Communities, put out by the J.S.O.R. (Jersey Shore Orthodox Rabbinate). The JSOR is for the Syrian community, and tends to be a bit more strict on several things (for example – Passover certification is required on all chocolate products).

The links are PDF files, so you will need Adobe Reader to download, view and print them. (Adobe Reader is free to install.)

Thanks to my friend, David, for sharing these on Facebook!

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