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Sesame Street Around the World

Download an episode, or the entire season, of Sesame Street Around the World for FREE right now from Amazon.

This is a great thing to have on the ready for those waiting room waits! Once you download it, you can watch it on your Kindle as often as you want – always for FREE.

** And thanks to Sara for letting us know that it looks like this download qualifies you for a FREE $1 MP3 credit to Amazon. An entire free season of Sesame Street + a FREE $1 song download of your choice. Doesn’t get cheaper than that!

Note: This is FREE now, but Amazon can change that at any time, so please confirm before “purchasing”.

Thanks, Swaggrabber.

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  1. When I checked out I got an email with a free promo $1 mp3 credit – thanks!

  2. Hey, just to let you and everyone else know, after we downloaded this, we noticed the comments say that it is Sesame Street Around the World because they are all episodes in different languages. (There is a Shalom Sesame in there!) The following is copied from one of the comments:

    There are 12 Countries and a full episode from each country. Episodes 12 & 13 are the same show, dubbed into two different languages. My only complaint is that I wish all of the shows had subtitles. Only a few have subtitles. But pre-school kids don’t really care about the dialogue anyway. And if they do, they really can’t read subtitles. As a personal note: the India show Galli Galli Sim Sim has the catchiest theme song!
    Here is a list of all the countries and the names of the shows:
    1. Sisimpur (Bangladesh) Language: Bengali (subtitled in English)
    2. Vila Sesamo (Brazil) Language: Portuguese
    3. Alam Simsim (Egypt) Language: Arabic
    4. Jalan Sesama (Indonesia) Language: Indonesian (subtitled in English)
    5. Hikayat Simsim (Jordan) Language: Arabic
    6. Sesame Tree (Ireland) Language: English
    7. Shara Simsim (Palestine) Language: Arabic
    8. Ulitsa Sezam (Russia) Language: Russian
    9. Takalani Sesame (South Africa) Language: Africaans & English
    10.Shalom Sesame (Israel) Language: Hebrew (subtitled in English)
    11.Galli Galli Sim Sim (India) Language: Hindi (subtitled in English)
    12.Rruga Sesam (Kosovo-Albanian) Language: Albanian
    13.Ulica Sezam (Kosovo-Serbian) Language: Serbian

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