FREE! Cook in Israel Sweets, Holidays & Family Recipes Cookbook (Kindle Version)

FREE Kindle Book alert! Download Orly Ziv's Sweets, Holidays and Family Recipes - Israeli-Mediterranean Cookbook Kindle Edition for FREE! Just check the widget below to confirm that this ebook is still going for $0! Sweets, Holidays and … [Read more...]

Yom HaZikaron

There are tens of thousands of stories of sacrifice that will be told today, on the eve of Israel's 67th 68th birthday. This is the one that I know best, which I am reposting from years past -- in their eternal honor. *** My husband moved to … [Read more...]

8-Day Groupon Deal to Israel ~ As low as $999 for Airfare, Hotel & Tours

A few notes on this tour, which readers have shared with me: Children must be at least 8 years old Many of the travel days are on Shabbat - please check your dates carefully I have been told that the Cinema hotel in Tel Aviv has a dairy … [Read more...]

It’s a Giveaway & Review | Cérémonie Tea from Israel (Perfect for Sukkot)

One of my favorite ways to end a meal is with a cup of mint tea. I've never been too picky about the type of tea that I drink; but then last year I had the pleasure of drinking my first cup of Moroccan Mint Tea by Cérémonie Tea -- and I learned … [Read more...]

Problem Canceling Golan Telecom, But Great Response from Our Credit Card Company

After our trip to Israel this past September, I shared a number of the cost-saving measures we had implemented. One of the things we did to save on phone (and Internet) while in Israel was to sign up with Golan Telecom. I have an iPhone 4, which I … [Read more...]

Money Saving Tips for Vacations in Israel

Welcome to Part 2 of my Vacationing in Israel series. You can read part 1, my family's trip report, HERE. Today, I'm going to be talking about how to save money on your upcoming trip to Israel. Now here's a little secret: Any time you take … [Read more...]

Our Israel Trip Report

My family is back from a truly fantastic three-week trip to Israel! A number of you have asked me to share stories, travel tips and money-saving suggestions from our trip - which I'm going to do in a three-part series of posts over the next week … [Read more...]

Tirat Tzvi + Tnuva Coupons – Good Only In Israel

If you live in Israel, here  are some coupons you may want to print out: Save 5 NIS off Tirat Tzvi "pastrama hodu" cold cuts Save 5 NIS off 750-gram package of Tirat Tzvi hotdogs Save 25% off spreadable goat cheese from Tnuva Find more … [Read more...]

If You Live in Israel, Get Danone Actimel Coupons on Facebook

Wow, I am so excited about this! You can get a 30% off coupon on Danone Actimel Yogurts right now, when you like their page on Facebook and fill out a brief form. The coupon will be (snail) mailed to you. An Israeli company. Offering manufacturer … [Read more...]

לזכרם‎ ~ In Their Memory

(Note: If you don't listen to instrumental music during the omer, don't play this video - or play it with your volume turned off). If you can't see the video, you can click thru to watch it on YouTube. … [Read more...]