This Just In! You Can Kasher Your Keurig for Passover!

Calling all Java addicts: Here is some welcome news in the "one less appliance I need to buy for Pesach" department. According to the OU, your Keurig can be kashered for Pesach. Q: How do I kasher a Keurig machine? A: A Keurig machine may … [Read more...]

B’Seder App | Free App to Make Planning for Pesach Easier

One of the best ways to save time, money and a fair share of your sanity when it comes to Passover is to stop reinventing the wheel. Every year on KOAB, I recommend that you take good notes about what worked and what didn't --- from the food you … [Read more...]

Passover Guides | OU, CRC and Star-K

Download free copies of the Passover Guides from the OU, the CRC and Star-K. They are all free and can be printed or saved as PDF files on your computers or mobile devices. The OU requires you to give them your email address and they will send … [Read more...]

Kosher for Passover Coconut Oil + Tips for Baking With Coconut Oil

I find Pesach baking a bit of a challenge, since I am not a fan of Passover margarine. At all. Then two years ago, I discovered a game-changer: There are certain types of coconut oil that are kosher for Passover without a special KLP … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Kids to Help You Clean for Pesach (Without Tears or Threats)

Guest post by Adina Soclof, parenting educator and founder of Parenting Simply Pesach is right around the corner and I am just past the nail-biting phase. This is where I just worry about Pesach. I walk from room to room in my house, feeling … [Read more...]

Ask My Readers | What to Feed Kids in the Days Leading Up to Passover?

I got a great question earlier this week from Sheyna, who was looking for suggestions on meal plans for her kids in the days leading up to Pesach, once your kitchen is already Kosher for Passover. What is everyone planning to feed their kids in … [Read more...]

Is Quinoa Kosher for Passover?

In the great debate that won't abate... Over the past few days, both the OU and the Star-K have released their statements on quinoa for Passover 2013. This year, the OU has crossed that threshold that they've been threatening to cross for the … [Read more...]

Ask My Readers | Favorite Kosher for Passover Cookbooks

Deb on Facebook is looking for some good recommendations for Kosher for Passover cookbooks. So of course, I'm turning to my favorite experts - You! I am more of a find-my-recipes-online type, so I can't wait to hear your suggestions! What's … [Read more...]

How to Kasher Your Kitchen for Passover

Thanks to Rebecca for sharing the link to this very helpful video with me on Facebook. This is definitely a great refresher "course". P.S. I love his little tip about relieving sinus pressure, LOL! … [Read more...]

What Can You Clean for Passover in the Next 5 Minutes? (Hint: Your Purse)

In years past, I always seemed to forget about cleaning out my purse (and when I used one - the diaper bag). It'd be Erev Pesach, and I'd reach into my purse for a package of tissues and pull out a granola bar. Eeep! This year, I vowed to correct … [Read more...]