Ask My Readers | Favorite Kosher for Passover Cookbooks

Reader Q&A

Deb on Facebook is looking for some good recommendations for Kosher for Passover cookbooks. So of course, I'm turning to my favorite experts - You! I am more of a find-my-recipes-online type, so I can't wait to hear your suggestions! What's … [Read more...]

How to Kasher Your Kitchen for Passover

How to Make Your Kitchen Kosher for Passover

Thanks to Rebecca for sharing the link to this very helpful video with me on Facebook. This is definitely a great refresher "course". P.S. I love his little tip about relieving sinus pressure, LOL! … [Read more...]

What Can You Clean for Passover in the Next 5 Minutes? (Hint: Your Purse)

clean purse

In years past, I always seemed to forget about cleaning out my purse (and when I used one - the diaper bag). It'd be Erev Pesach, and I'd reach into my purse for a package of tissues and pull out a granola bar. Eeep! This year, I vowed to correct … [Read more...]