The Amazon Subscribe & Save Tutorial

If you have been reading KOAB for a while, you have no doubt noticed that when I post about deals at Amazon, I often recommend that you use Subscribe & Save to save an additional 15% (or 30% at the Baby Store with Amazon Mom). And then I remind you that you can cancel S&S once your order ships — with no penalty.

It seems too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Well, today I am going to break down the details of how Subscribe & Save at Amazon works. I know it can be confusing, so hopefully this will answer all your questions.

What is Subscribe & Save?

Subscribe and Save is Amazon’s subscription service, available for most items in its grocery and household goods stores. The idea is that you can automatically get the products your family uses most shipped to you every 1, 2, 3 or 6 months.

What are the benefits of signing up with Subscribe & Save?

If you regularly use certain products, Amazon lets you get them delivered automatically at the interval at which you will need them. We have our refrigerator filter on S&S, for example, so I don’t have to worry about remembering when to replace it.

There is also a financial benefit to using S&S: Amazon offers a 15% discount on all subscribed items – or 30% on Amazon Baby goods when purchased with an Amazon Mom account. Plus, you get FREE shipping on your Subscribe & Save order.

How do I sign up for Subscribe & Save?

1. Look for a blue subscribe & save box underneath the description of each item. This box indicates that the item is eligible for the 15% discount with Subscribe & Save (or 30% at the Amazon Baby store).

2. Alternatively, if you search for something on Amazon – for example, toilet paper – you will notice that each entry tells you before you even click on it whether a S&S option is available.

3. Below the normal button to buy the item is the Subscribe & Save button. Be sure to select the frequency for your subscription Р1, 2, 3 or 6 months. Then, click the Subscribe Now button.

4. If your credit card information isn’t already on file, you will need to enter it for all Subscribe & Save orders. Don’t worry, you can still pay with gift cards – in fact, Amazon will automatically deduct them first.

5. You will have a chance to review your order – here is where you will see your discounts applied.

Press the order button and that’s it – you will have placed your Subscribe & Save order!

How do you cancel your Subscribe & Save order?

Canceling your order is simple and there is no penalty. Yes, you can even “re-Subscribe & Save” and again benefit from the 15% discount. I’ve got 14 canceled subscriptions – including two for the same Size 3 Luvs Diapers!

My only suggestion is that you wait until you get an email from Amazon saying that your order has shipped before you cancel your subscription.

1. Go to and select Your Account – the link is in the top right corner, above your Cart.

2. Under the Options section, click on Manage Subscribe & Save Options. Then click “Cancel This Subscription”.

That’s it – you’ve now canceled your Subscription.

I know at first this can seem kind of complicated, but as soon as you’ve gone through the process, you will see that it’s really a quick and easy way to save as much as 30% off your order. I love the Subscribe & Save service – and hope you will come to love it, too!

Do you have other questions about Amazon Subscribe & Save? Have you taken advantage of the 15% or 30% savings + free shipping yet?

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  1. This is a really great explanation of the Subscribe & Save feature. I have taken advantage of S&S and I am very happy with it. I did not even cancel my subscription. I love saving money AND not having to shlep big boxes from the store to my house. I also love that if I am running low, I can get them to send one ahead of schedule at the savings price.

  2. caroline says:

    Thanks, Mara! After testing the waters with the Zoe Organic olive oil, I automatically went to S&S when I wanted another item last week. So easy! It’s almost like Amazon is paying US to shop…. well, not quite.

  3. Hi Mara. Thanks for this overview. Do you find that S&S is worthwhile for items like toilet paper, kleenex, detergent, or do you find that you do better looking out for sales at local stores? I’d love to hear more about what kinds of items are worth getting from Amazon (with free shipping and 15% discount) and what items you prefer to get locally. (If this is too complicated to explain in a comment, might I suggest another post on this topic? :) )
    Thanks so much!

  4. I love subscribe and save…but I have 1 question. With it they give you a year of free Prime membership, which gives the free shipping. What do you do at the end of the year? My year is up in a few months, and paying for shipping with increase my prices a lot!

  5. Never seen such a good tutorial about Subscribe and Save. I still have to understand a couple of things. I was angry because most of the people say about it, but no one says more about it like you said.

  6. John Asker says:

    Great tutorial. I have a quick question re:your suggestion that we wait until getting an “order shipped” email from Amazon before canceling a subscription. Why is this? Is it because our original order might also be cancelled? Thanks.

    • Exactly – if you cancel before shipped, it will apply to your current (unfulfilled) order. Better to wait ’til it ships. I even wait ’til it has arrived safely at my house!

  7. I like to use newspaper coupons,, and coupon code. How do i use these “coupons” on my orders? Or is it even possible?

    • No, at Amazon, you can’t use regular coupons from the paper or the Internet. They do often have their own coupons, though, which are “clickable”. Hope that helps!

  8. Did the rules for subscribe and save change recently? I seem to remember hearing that you can no longer order things to be delivered right away – you need to wait until a specific day of the month, or something like that…

  9. Rachel Alter says:

    If I’m not a prime member and I had a amazon mom account but it only gave to me for 3 months, If I sign up for amazon prime, will I get my amazon mom discounts restored?

    • Mara Strom says:

      Yes, that’s what I did, Rachel. We started as Mom members (for a year – back in the good “old days”). Then I upgraded to Prime after a few months without – and missing my free shipping. We’ve been Prime members for two years now and still get Mom benefits. If you have any issues, I recommend chatting with Amazon’s Customer Service – they’re the best!

  10. I loved your tutorial. one question- I belong to a group prime account from work. can I, as an individual join subscribe and save or is it only if the whole group joins? thanks

  11. Batsheva says:

    HI Mara,
    how do you make sure that when your subscribe and save items are ready to ship they are the same price as when you subscribed? if i check out right away then i can’t get the S&S discount, and if i wait, I miss it. AM i doing something wrong?

    • Mara Strom says:

      Batsheva – it locks in your price for your first delivery at the rate you buy. If you click on your invoice, it will show you the price you actually paid. Hope that helps!

  12. Do you have a 101 on Amazon Mom? I’ve got Prime and not sure if I can leverage the “with 5 Amazon Mom subscriptions” somehow with Prime… TIA

    • Mara Strom says:

      Yes! You can definitely leverage it. If you were previously a member of Amazon Mom (thru a free trial) and now have Prime, it should automatically be in the “system” that you are AM. If you weren’t previously an AM member, you can sign up now (it’s free with Prime) – and that will take care of you.

  13. Hi Mara –
    I signed up for this with subscribe and save, but my next delivery date isn’t for another 3.5 weeks. Will that price be locked in for this shipment or will I be billed whatever the price is then?

    • Mara Strom says:

      Yes – as long as it’s your first order, the price when you order is locked in (including coupons, etc!).


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