The Flat (Good Tisha B’Av Movie) ~ Watch for FREE on Amazon Prime

The Flat

If you are wanting a movie this afternoon to watch to help you pass your fast, I have a recommendation: The Flat.

I’m not sure if it’s your “typical” Tisha B’Av film, but I’m two-thirds of the way through it and completely riveted.

My husband borrowed it from the library, but I just found it on Amazon for FREE on Instant Video if you have Amazon Prime.

(You can get a free trial now as well, so even if you’re not a member – you can still watch this. Details here.)

The movie is a documentary and it’s completely riveting. It tells the story of director Arnon Goldfinger, whose grandmother passed away at the beginning of the film. The rest of the film uncovers many unknown details about his relatives, including that his great grandmother was killed in Theresienstadt – something even Goldfinger’s mother did not know.

In his award-winning, emotionally riveting documentary, THE FLAT, Arnon Goldfinger follows the hints his grandparents left behind to investigate long-buried family secrets and unravel the mystery of their painful past. The result is a moving family portrait and an insightful look at the ways different generations deal with the memory of the Holocaust.

The narration is in English, and there are English subtitles for the Hebrew and German dialogue.

Highly recommend.

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  1. Surella says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I had heard about this movie and it was quite good. These things touch me because my mother is first generation Holocaust survivor and I see and hear myself in the film. We’re a very cliche bunch. Our mothers do not talk about their time in the war. This is so true.
    And that they could not find the grave in that obviously destroyed Jewish cemetery? So sad!

    • Mara Strom says:

      I keep thinking about the German daughter – and her reaction. How she said she wanted to investigate it in more detail, but taking all sides into consideration. She must have known on some level I think.

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