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Jewish Online School

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One of my greatest challenges during two years of homeschooling was finding a Limudei Kodesh curriculum for my children.

Although we’re no longer homeschooling this year, I have been thrilled to discover a growing number of online resources for Jewish studies — which are perfect for homeschoolers, after-schoolers and anyone who lives in an area without access to Jewish education.

Jewish Online School

The Jewish Online School is one such institution. Its target audience is Jewish children who live in places without access to Jewish education, as well as homeschoolers.  Over the last few years, thanks to many shluchim with whom the Jewish Online School works closely, the school has grown slowly but steadily.

They have expanded not just in student count but also in the scope of classes they offer — all of which flexibly accommodate children from different time zones and schedules.

Most children take up to six hours of classes a day, ranging from Pre-1A students learning Aleph-Bais to sixth-grade and Yeshiva students learning Mishnah and Gemarah.  Their teachers give 47 different classes over the course of every week to a varied student body drawn from all over the globe.

Drawn from communities of both smaller and larger cities, some students are enrolled for a comprehensive Jewish education, while others wish to supplement their local day school. Plus, the Jewish Online School offers private classes, Bar Mitzvah lessons and an online Hebrew School experience.

The Jewish Online School now includes:

Jewish Day School
Supplemental classes for those students already receiving a Jewish education, these provide part-time extracurricular material ranging from beginner basics to Mishnayos and Tanach.

Online Hebrew School
Once a week, children can enjoy a fun Hebrew School at their home computer, learning the basic building blocks of Judaism.

For those who want to focus on the language itself, there are special classes designed just for Ivrit.

Bar Mitzva Online
The Bar Mitzva classes from yesterday are now delivered in a fun and interesting one-on-one setting, providing the child with the skill and confidence to shine at his coming of age.

Jewish Online School

The Jewish Online School offers a free trial of any of their classes, if you want to get a better feel for what they have to offer — and whether it’s right for your family. Fees for the Online School vary depending on which class or classes you enroll in.



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