Update: Starbucks Vanilla Fusion Coffee Now Just $3.25/Bag at Amazon

A big thank you to my reader, Becky, for the heads up on the new code for the Starbucks coffee deal at Amazon, which I originally posted about yesterday. Now you can get it for $3.25 per pack!

Here’s how:

  • Use the coupon code FUSIONC5 to save an additional $5
  • Then, use the code STARBUK3 to save an additional $1.50
  • Pay just $7.50 for both packs, or $3.25 each!

Ships free with your Amazon Mom membership.

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  1. Ordered! That’s a good price in my book. :) Thanks Mara.

  2. Does this need to be used with a machine?

    • What kind of machine, Adina? Do you mind a grinder? No, it’s not whole beans. Or did you mean a drip coffee maker? In which case, yes, as it’s not instant. HTH.

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