Want a Wii? $199 at Amazon + $50 Gift Card for Games

good deal on wii amazon

Are you shopping for a Wii this Chanukah?

Amazon has an amazing Black Friday deal on the Wii Limited Edition Bundle in Red, which includes the cherry red console, plus Wii Sports and Super Mario Bros Wii, and a $50 credit to use toward more games from the Amazon Video Game Store — all for $199.

You can also choose the less flashy Wii Bundle in White, which comes with Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resort, plus the $50 credit, also for $199.

(For point of price comparison reference, Walmart’s Wii Bundle for Black Friday is $249 — with no $50 gift card!)

Both of these hot deals qualify for free shipping from Amazon Prime — which I’m assuming most of you have by now with your free membership to Amazon Mom, right?!

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