West Bend 2-Lb Breadmaker for $49, Shipped

I bought this bread maker a month ago at $59. And thought I great deal then. But at $49? Holy moly!

The West Bend 41300 Hi-Rise Electronic Dual-Blade Breadmaker is now just $49.

This is lowest price EVER. (When I bought it at $59, that was the lowest price ever!)

The West Bend can accommodate four-size loaves – from one pound up to two and a half pounds. There are also 11 pre-programmed settings and a 12-hour delay timer (wake up to fresh baked bread).

Those dual blades mean it can accomodate all sorts of “heartier” flours without a problem. And according to at least one reader (so sorry I can’t remember who told me this!), this machine is great for handeling gluten-free baking – if that’s a priority for you.

It’s done great with our challah three Shabbatot in a row – I’m very pleased.

Remember, Amazon pricing can change on a dime, so always confirm prices before you check-out.

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  1. Mary Ruth Andrews says:

    Okay, not to sound dumb, but how can you make challah in a breadmaker?

    • I use the dough cycle – mix, kneed and rise. Then I braid and bake in my oven :-)

      • Mary Ruth Andrews says:

        Thank you, Mara, I was just trying to figure out how it got baked after it was braided! I read your posts every day, thank you for all of your good advice! Happy last night of Chanukah!

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