3.5-Ounce Seder Glasses – $17 for Set of 6, Shipped

Seder Glasses 3.5 ounces

Here’s a reader request deal – If you are looking for seder glasses that are exactly 3.5-ounces, I’ve been told it’s remarkably hard to find them. Bed, Bath & Beyond was even a bust.

These beautiful Bormioli Rocco Amuse Bouche Ypsilon After Dinner Glass, Set of 6 are exactly 3.5 ounces and cost $17 with free shipping.

If you have Amazon Prime, these definitely WILL get to you in time. Orders placed today arrive on Thursday.

Even with Super Saver Shipping, these should be to you by Friday or Monday at the latest. (Might be pushing it with a Monday delivery, though…)

Thanks, Lena et all for the find!

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  1. Larry Lennhoff says

    When the seder falls on a Friday night, Rav Moshe Feinstein says the minimum shiur is 4.4 fluid ounces. Just sayin’

  2. Don’t worry Larry. We have 16 oz goblets for back up. God willing the seder will fall on Friday night one of these years, then I won’t spend all my vacation days on holidays. Just sayin’ 🙂

  3. Got really excited since we were looking for glasses with at least 3.3oz, but not more than 5oz. But alas, Amazon says it will ship in 6-8 weeks…just in time for Shavuous. Bummer. Will continue to look.

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