Amazon Resumes Shipping to Israel at Discounted Rates

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Amazon deliveryGood news for my Israeli friends!

Amazon has announced that it is returning to the Israel marked without discounted shipping (sadly, it is not free, as we enjoyed for a few months this winter).

Small, light-weight items, including books, will ship for as low $6.99 per box when you select standard-rate shipping (delivered within 9-14 business days).

Heavier items will ship for as low as $13.99 per box, with expedited delivery options only (delivered within 7-10 business days).

See this chart for a breakdown on shipping rates.

And see this chart to understand the difference in shipping times.

I played with this for a few hours last night to try to nail down exactly what is included — and not included — with this new discounted shipping structure. For some reason (still trying to figure it out — unfortunately Amazon doesn’t send out press releases about these things!), I am not getting anything for $6.99, but rather $7.58. And then as you add more to your cart, it goes up incrementally. For example, one book was $7.58 shipping for me, but three books was $8.99 shipping. I will update if/when I get more concrete insights, but for those of you trying to order toilet paper — it’s definitely not included with discounted shipping!

As with before, not all items sold on Amazon are available to ship to Israel. In general, you will want to look for items that are “sold and shipped” by Amazon. And remember to set your primary delivery address to Israel. You can change your address HERE.

**REMINDER** Avoid Paying VAT on Your Order

It is important that you keep your order to less than $75 before the cost of shipping in order to avoid paying VAT.

If your order is in excess of $75, you will pay 17% VAT (mam) on the full value of your order, including the cost of shipping.


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