Are you ready for Prime Day?

Prime Day is tomorrow! The sales are going to be AMAZING! In fact, we’ve already started to see some of them drip out over the past week.

As you can imagine, I am super excited about all the deals we’re going to see over the next 48 hours, BUT…. I would be remiss if I didn’t share my standard “disclaimer” with you guys, so here goes:

Short version: It’s not a bargain if you can’t afford it.

Long version: If you can pick up some of the items on your “list” — whether it’s a new Kindle for the kids or an Echo for you or even just a bunch of diapers or toilet paper (believe it or not, those were two of the hottest deals last year) — at rock bottom prices, then those savings can do a world of good for creating margin in your budget.

Just like buying cereal at a $1/box instead of $4/box creates margin, so, too, does buying an Echo at $89.99 rather than $189.99.

But if that Echo is an impulse purchase…

And if you charge it on your credit card, without the cash in the bank to cover it…

Then those $100 in “savings” won’t create margin.

They will create stress.

And wreck havoc on your budget.

And possibly end up costing you a whole lot more in interest – and even late fees – on your credit card.

I say this because I really do want you to score great bargains. I mean, I LOVE bargains! I have a whole blog dedicated to them! 😉

But even more that wanting you to get great bargains, I want you to get a great DEAL.

To me, a great deal happens when you invest resources that you HAVE in quality, discounted products that you WANT and NEED.

But what if you don’t have the resources…. even if you really, really want something?

Then I have to tell you — from personal experience! — that it’s not a deal, no matter how great the price.

I say something to this effect every year before Prime Day and again before Black Friday. But the truth is that this disclaimer applies to all of KOAB (and any other deal site you might read).

The reason I’m sharing it now, however, is because the pace of the bargains is so fast and so furious that it’s especially easy to get swept up in the adrenaline of it all.

And I know that the constant text messages and Facebook alerts from KOAB can definitely contribute to that adrenaline rush.

Finding and sharing bargains is obviously a huge part of what I do, but I want to be mindful — and lovingly encourage you to be mindful — of balancing the FUN of the deals with the FUNDAMENTALS of your budget.

Believe it or not, even in the exuberance (mine, included!) over Prime Day, saying no can be a blessing, too.

Happy bargain hunting, my friend! Happy budget blessings, too!


  1. I tried to sign up for your text messages by following the instructions on that post but got a reply that “follow” was no longer supported. How can I get texts?

    • Mara Strom says

      Oh no, Marie! I will look into this and hopefully update later tonight. So sorry.

      • Mara Strom says

        Marie – My tech person says that it should still be working, there are no reported outages. Try adding @ before KosheronaBudget. So you are texting Follow @kosheronabudget to 40404. Hope this works!

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